“I've said this my whole life: Engineers change the world, and the rest of us are overhead. People in the engineering discipline have an opportunity to do truly great, game-changing things with their careers, and that's the way they ought to approach it!”

– Dave Wajsgras, president of Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS) business.

No matter where you went to school, what you get paid or whether you work at a startup or a multinational corporation, you – as an engineer – are uniquely positioned to impact your company’s success more than any other job role.

The folks in accounting are smart people. But they likely don’t know how your raw materials are cut or handled. You can trust your life with the people on the shop floor when it comes to manufacturing, but they probably aren’t always in the loop upstairs, where they are tracking sales and worrying about inventory.

In contrast, engineers often serve as a bridge between design, manufacturing, sales and operations. They have a broader, big-picture view of what goes on in every corner of their company – and are in a better position to identify areas for improvement and offer solutions.

But just showing up to work everyday and doing a “good job” likely isn’t enough to put you on the fast track for career advancement. In Onshape’s latest eBook, “3 Things Executives Value Most in a Mechanical Engineer,” we will share ways how you can start thinking on the same wavelength as your boss and get on his or her radar. Career tips will include advice on how to:

  • Think Outside Your Cubicle: Exploring Ways to Improve Design & Manufacturing Processes Companywide
  • Rethink Your Product: Embracing Incremental Innovation
  • Think Inside The Box: Considering the User Experience (UX) During Every Stage of Product Development

The book will also offer direct and candid career advice from the following executives:

So now that you know you have the power to change your company’s fortunes, what are you going to do about it? Download your copy of “3 Things Executives Value Most in a Mechanical Engineer” today!

P.S. Although we can’t guarantee reading this eBook will score you an instant raise, we are betting that adopting this advice will push you in the right direction.