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Today’s businesses need more speed and innovation in product design, and an agile design process is the answer – where innovation is accelerated by process and tools, rather than being stifled by them. Onshape is a new generation of CAD designed specifically for modern agile design teams.

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Professional Design Teams
For Professional Design Teams

Agile product teams use Onshape’s built-in collaboration and version control tools to build products faster and with fewer headaches.

For Enterprise Organizations

Large organizations use Onshape’s analytics and reporting to better manage the design of complex products.

Open Source & Public
For Public & Open Source

Onshape is professional-grade CAD for public design and open source projects.


For Students & Educators

Full-cloud CAD is perfect for high schools and colleges, offering built-in collaboration and access on any device.

"We had U.S. and Australian-based designers working together on a new line of agricultural equipment. For us, Onshape's real-time data management has been a lifesaver. Whenever someone makes a change, everyone on the team sees it instantly."

Bruce Bartlett, Lead Engineer

Image courtesy of Bruce Bartlett Design

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