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Operational Innovation

Turn on innovation

What does cloud-native mean for your business? 24/7 reliability and the highest levels of customer satisfaction and security. Faster development thanks to a single source of truth for design data, collaborative multi-user environments, and real-time communications amongst internal and external teams. Updates that push live automatically with no disruption to your business and no administrative burden.

On time. On budget. Onshape. With full featured CAD, built-in PDM and connected PLM that is 100% cloud-native.

Connecting Global Teams

Modern teams require modern tools.

Today's teams are dispersed and multidisciplinary. Onshape helps companies create favorable conditions for innovation and capitalize on their talent. Communication tools encourage people to connect in real-time, and built-in data management solutions allow them to try ideas, learn quickly and move forward. Your teams are holding design reviews online. Shouldn’t your CAD be there too?


Ocado Technology, a global leader in developing robotics and automation for the online grocery industry, relies on Onshape to accelerate and streamline its product design process.


Withings, global manufacturers of hybrid smartwatches sold in 40 countries, transformed their communication between Europe and Asia with Onshape’s real-time secure sharing.

Partner with Manufacturing

Communicate inside and outside your walls.

What did the latest mix-up do for deadlines and profitability? Onshape speeds up accurate communication with manufacturing partners by supporting teams in securely granting - or revoking - real-time access to design data. Partnerships should focus on getting high quality designs to market at the right price, not coping with mistakes.

Reduce your IT Footprint

Spend time on products, not administration.

Reduce expenses, not productivity. There isn’t a metric that cloud won’t improve and all teams could use the extra time and budget. Save on hardware, servers and administration because with Onshape you won’t install anything or manage upgrades. Licensing is flexible and clear. With Onshape, enterprises can scale 24/7 reliable access to CAD and PDM at costs that make sense - and put their budget back into R&D.


DHL, the leading logistics enterprise, is using Onshape to build a fleet of cost-effective, connected, collaborative robotics to revolutionize the manufacturing and supply chain worlds.

Disruptive Companies Deserve Disruptive CAD

0 Million +

CAD Designers Trust Onshape.


#1 in Support

Customer Feedback Drives the Onshape Experience.


0 Weeks

Between Updates to Continuously Deliver Value to Customers.


0% Uptime

Built on Amazon Web Services for 24/7 Availability.


IT Innovation

Built for Enterprise. Your Enterprise.

You’re in good company. Reliable, secure, and compliant cloud-native CAD & PDM that the world's most agile companies trust. Onshape’s SOC-2 Type II report attesting to the security, confidentiality and availability of our service can be provided upon request, contact us at security@onshape.com.


Onshape’s high availability (99.9% uptime) helps teams focus on building great products. With flexible licensing, scalable collaboration and analytics for real-time visibility, you can bring the right people together in the right way to maximize your resources - not your number of meetings.


Built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), Onshape provides the strongest security without compromising agility. Strong authentication (SSO) and fine-grained authorization technologies (role-based permissions) provide control over company intellectual property at all times.

Learn more about Onshape’s security, data protection, and privacy policies.

R&D Innovation

Production Grade

Innovate fearlessly. With robust collaboration, advanced analytics, and built-in data management, Onshape redefines the product development process.

Modern Productivity

Open a browser, sign in, and start designing.

Onshape brings together the latest advances in 3D modeling, leverages cloud computing, and continuously delivers value to customers every 3 weeks. Everything you need to develop a product from concept to production.

Data Centric

Let data management be your foundation.

Onshape’s file-less PDM is built in as the backbone of our cloud-native service, so you can capture, communicate and centralize all your data without ever blocking access or productivity. With the flexibility and power to create ECR, ECO and custom release processes, you can establish accountability for all.

More than CAD

The cross-disciplinary collaboration you need.

Onshape offers unified FEA simulation, ECAD/MCAD bi-directional exchange, advanced photo realistic rendering and so much more. Expand your CAD reach with Onshape’s partner Apps in manufacturing, simulation, robotics and more.

Agile Product Development

Respond rapidly to change and minimize risk.

Onshape helps teams leverage data insights to guide R&D and business decisions while, at the same time, enjoying advanced security and building integration into existing business systems like ERP/PLM. Know at a glance the status of your projects and what your teams are doing through analytics and dashboards.

Dispersed Collaboration

A people-first approach.

Bring talent together. Leverage Onshape’s communication tools and its connection to Arena PLM to control, share and release product and quality information with dispersed teams and partners to speed commercialization while staying in control of what they can do.

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