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Onshape is the most widely used cloud-native CAD & PDM available on the market. By harnessing the full power of cloud architecture, Onshape eliminates the challenges posed by file-based software, including issues like version control, file disorganization, crashes, and more. With Onshape, multiple users can access and collaborate on projects simultaneously, fostering real-time transparency and enhancing efficiency across global teams. The platform opens up new possibilities in scalability, security, and productivity. To discover more about Onshape, check out this blog.

Onshape Professional is ideal for individual professionals, design teams, and small to medium-sized businesses seeking a powerful cloud-native CAD solution. With the Onshape Professional plan you can create a named Company thereby consolidating users, data and billing. Onshape Professional is well-suited to users who value agility, easy collaboration, and the ability to work on projects without the need for complex software installations or updates.

Onshape Enterprise is designed for companies seeking real-time analytics, advanced security, and unmatched customization and visibility into their design process. In addition to all the features available in the Professional plan, our Enterprise offering provides more options to cater to your businesses specific needs, such as:

  • Single Sign On (SSO): Integration with SSO identity providers like OKTA, LDAP, Azure, Google, Ping and other IDPs for seamless onboarding and security.

  • Project-based Activity, Reporting & Audit Trails: Delivers detailed insights into project and user activity with comprehensive reports and audit trails. Delegation of CAD and PDM administrative duties to engineering managers with the ability to administer projects using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

  • Real-time Analytics & Dashboards: Generates real-time analytics and dashboards with detailed overviews of your entire design process to make better decisions with IP tracking, and clear status on projects and resources.

  • Centralized Intellectual Property Control & Visibility: Enforces company ownership of design documents and manages and tracks user access in real time. Support for Guest users in the Enterprise with options for both Full and Light license types so internal and external users of the Enterprise can access up-to-date product design data.

  • PLM: Connect CAD, PDM, and PLM with the Onshape-Arena PLM Connection and synchronize engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers throughout the entire product management process. With Onshape’s Enterprise plan you can also create custom release management workflows specific to your business needs such as pulling part numbers from a third-party system such as an ERP or PLM system. 

  • Support: Dedicated customer support and in-product help.

Understanding Subscription Tiers & CAD Data Ownership by Onshape Plan page.

You don't need specialized hardware to run Onshape. Any device equipped with a low-end graphics card that supports WebGL can smoothly run Onshape. Onshape operates seamlessly on any web-connected device, providing unrestricted access wherever you are. Utilizing a browser-based interface, Onshape is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux. Moreover, Onshape offers native apps for both Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android, ensuring a seamless experience on the go.

Onshape offers a full product development platform, expanding workflows beyond design to include:

  • Simulation allows designers to rapidly analyze stress, deformation, and factors of safety for assemblies under static loads at no additional cost, leveraging the power of FEA and cloud computing without the need for any specialized hardware.

  • PCB Studio facilitates the seamless bi-directional data exchange between ECAD and Onshape.

  • Render Studio creates photorealistic rendering, on any supported web browser.

  • Onshape-Arena PLM Connection which brings together cloud-native CAD, PDM, and PLM. Onshape & Arena PLM  helps teams innovate faster, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

  • FeatureScript, Onshape’s programming language, empowers users to create automation and custom features either by utilizing offerings from the Onshape community or by crafting their own. 

  • Onshape’s partner Apps help you expand your CAD capabilities in manufacturing, robotics, and more.

A single source of truth (SSoT) is the practice of centralizing and managing data in a way that there is a sole, clear reference point for any particular piece of information. The goal of having a single source of truth is to ensure consistency, accuracy, and reliability of information across a company. Especially important when various teams need access to the same data, and having multiple versions or conflicting data can lead to confusion, errors, and inefficiencies. Onshape offers a single source of truth for all design data with its built-in product data management (PDM). 

Cloud native applications are specifically designed and built to leverage the scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility the cloud provides.

  • Cloud-native applications run in a web browser, utilizing cloud compute and data is saved in databases securely in the cloud. The only requirement is a stable internet connection. No more cumbersome software downloads, installations, or updates, as enhancements are delivered seamlessly and continuously. Cloud-native applications have high availability (24/7 access) and continuously save data so no data is ever lost. Cloud-native applications easily scale, using a company's single sign-on (SSO) or email users can be added or removed instantly.

  • Cloud-storage applications, or hybrid solutions, run on local hardware and save data in files. Either explicitly or behind the scenes these applications save their data locally or in private or public clouds through uploads and downloads. These applications provide data management but burden users with file-based hassles, like latency to upload/download files or access issues with check-in and check-out procedures. Users of cloud-storage applications are still required to download and install the necessary local software and periodically update their applications.


Data & insights like never before.

Onshape Analytics provides real-time insights into your projects and resources, and enables you to analyze your Enterprise’s activity to identify trends like design time on a project or workload balancing. Onshape provides insights and dashboards such as Activity, Projects, and Releases that empower teams to make informed business decisions by leveraging data from employee and supplier activity.

Onshape is the only CAD platform capable of tracking data access and providing detailed reports on the “who, when, and from where” of data access. Onshape Enterprise delivers comprehensive insights into both Full and Light user activity, ensuring businesses have a clear understanding of project and user resources

Click here to read about Analytics in Onshape.

Onshape Analytics provides transparency and visibility enabling Enterprises to: 
  • Audit their data to know who is accessing and changing data, and manage their resources using project tracking dashboards

  • Monitor IP addresses by tracing events and exchanging information

  • Improve change management with the ability to better manage projects and resources, and to troubleshoot design and release process bottlenecks

  • Better measure their productivity and design time from prototype through to production

Click here to read about Analytics in Onshape.

Analytics such as user email, platform invitation date, account activation, last login, role, license type, stored platform data, file exports, and more enable you to administer the software more easily and maximize utilization.  

Click here to read about Analytics in Onshape.

Reports can be customized to provide a clear picture of what is happening in your Enterprise, and reports can be downloaded as PDF or CSV files. Enterprise Admins can protect the intellectual property (IP) of their Enterprise with auditing reports. They can also review where resources are being spent on projects, view locations where users have accessed documents, and more.


One destination for your data and your team.

In order from more to less secure…

  • Guest Invitation (External Users): The most secure way to work with external partners and suppliers. You can bring someone into your Enterprise instantly and formally by email invitation. Guests of the Enterprise require a license, which can be a Full or Light license allocated from your purchased seat count. Guests are treated like users, with full analytics and additional tagging so that administrators can easily identify them. 

  • Light Users: Allow all members of your organization to access design data in a scalable and cost-effective manner. This access is commonly used by marketing, sales, managers, executives, or external suppliers or clients to access, view, and export data. However, it’s important to note that light users do not have the privilege to re-share documents.

  • Publication: Working within Onshape Documents is the easiest way to collaborate amongst design and engineering teams. But sometimes it is necessary to share only specific data with the extended manufacturing and production team. For this purpose, Onshape users can create and share technical data packages using Publications which include selected Part Studios, Assemblies, Drawings, and Files, without including the entire version history.   

  • Link-Sharing: By default, global link-sharing permission is off, but the Enterprise administrator can enable it. This allows Enterprise users to easily share their work via a URL to anyone, even those without an Onshape account. Recipients with the URL can view and export the design data. Link-sharing can be controlled at the document level, and administrators have access to link-sharing analytics for monitoring shared documents and their activity. 

Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) in Onshape Enterprise enables designated administrators to configure multiple roles and permission schemes and apply them to a project. Access permission types are identical for all editions of Onshape: View, Comment, Export, Edit, Link, Share and Copy. Using a combination of these permissions enables you to control precisely which actions each user or team of users can take with your data. 

With Onshape, users work quickly. They can work in parallel by branching and then merging design ideas; they can work in individual sandboxes simultaneously; and they can do it all with the security that their data is always saved and versioned.

Onshape is also the only CAD solution with fully functional mobile apps including support to edit models. This empowers engineers to work on their models from any location and device with enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and collaboration.


The strongest security without compromising agility.

Yes. Onshape implements robust data and cybersecurity policies, including third-party testing and a skilled security operations team. These measures are designed to safeguard intellectual property and swiftly address any emerging threats.

Click here to learn more about Onshape's security practices.

Onshape is built upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud platform. AWS is a world-class computing infrastructure. It consists of globally distributed and physically secure data centers with redundant power, cooling, and networking. AWS has achieved multiple certifications globally, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, SOC 2, Type II, and NIST 800-53.

Onshape provides a SOC-2, Type II report attesting to the security, confidentiality and availability of the service, available under NDA. 

Click here to learn more about Onshape's security practices.

By default Onshape will store your design data in the closest Onshape AWS region to your operations. Enterprise customers can choose one or more of the Onshape supported AWS regions that satisfy their company’s data residency requirements. Onshape is currently deployed in:

  • Oregon, US

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Singapore

  • Sydney, Australia

Personally identifiable information (PII) in Onshape is always stored in the United States, regardless of the design data location. Onshape can sign Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for customers that require them.

Onshape supports Single Sign On (SSO) with all major identity providers (IDPs) and auto provisions users for easy onboarding when SSO is enabled. Onshape supports SAML 2.0 for Single Sign On (SSO) for Azure, Active Directory, Okta, and other identity providers, giving users great security and convenience.

Users can be manually added or in bulk by CSV. Onshape’s Enterprise plan grants you a specific Onshape domain (URL) to access Onshape in a separate, secure, and managed environment (yourcompany.onshape.com).

Onshape provides a highly available service, and has maintained a  99.9% to 99.99% uptime over multiple years. To check the status anytime, see Onshape's status page.

Yes. Onshape’s policies and processes are fully compliant with the requirements of the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and other privacy regulations around the world. You can read more about Onshape’s privacy protections here.

Onshape’s security and operations teams continually monitor the health and security of the Onshape service. Data is stored encrypted in highly available clusters, distributed geographically. Onshape’s databases are backed up via encrypted snapshot multiple times a day and are restored every 3 weeks to check for backup integrity. All data is encrypted in motion with TLS v1.2+ with strong cipher suites.

You can find a summary of how Onshape is Enterprise Secure here.

Admin privileges allow you to govern all users, and all data access is recorded in a secure audit trail. CAD data never leaves the secure cloud environment unless permission to export has been explicitly granted by the data’s owner. Access to CAD data can be granted or revoked instantaneously from anywhere.

R&D teams can manage their own data, projects, and supply chain. In Onshape, role-based access controls (RBAC) give users granular read, write, copy, comment, link, delete, and reshare permissions in their design process. This gives teams the tools for agility and collaboration but with built-in security.

Your data is a priority for Onshape. We routinely perform testing on backups and restoration processes for all our databases. Backups are retained for a duration of one year. If you accidentally move items to the trash, you can restore them within 30-days. Additionally, data generated by disabled user accounts remains preserved within your Onshape Enterprise.

Yes. There is no vendor lock-in. You can export data at any time in file formats and take it elsewhere. Onshape supports Part and Assembly imports from SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Creo, NX, STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, 3MF and others.

Should your subscription end, your data is still privately and securely stored and exportable. Onshape is committed to keeping your most sensitive data protected and portable.

Licensing and Costs

Easy access and no surprise costs.

The majority of our customers enjoy direct sales & support services. Contact the Onshape sales team.

To accommodate cultural and language considerations in specific geographies, customers can choose to purchase through an authorized partner. Find your local partner.

No. There are no additional fees associated with Onshape. Pay for the users you want, scale your team instantly, and always be on the latest version. Our pricing is 100% transparent now and forever. Contact Sales.

The Onshape Enterprise plan has two License types: Light and Full.

  • Full Users can access all of Onshape’s functionality to create, edit, and share data. Typically, Full User accounts are used by engineers, designers, or CAD specialists. 

  • Light Users can view, comment, and export Enterprise data that’s shared with them. Light User accounts are for anyone who needs transparency into the design data, such as managers, purchasing and operations, suppliers, or manufacturing partners. 

No. Onshape releases new updates approximately every 3 weeks that improve the overall platform. Every time you login, you are guaranteed to be working in the latest and greatest version of Onshape without any effort on your part or disruption to you.

Every Onshape user has access to Onshape's Learning Center. Here you will find instructor-led training (live and virtual), self-paced courses, technical briefings, and recorded webinars on a wide array of relevant topics. Onshape also has tailored training topics to aid in onboarding and transitioning your team from legacy CAD packages to ours.

Onshape prides itself on delivering world-class support and training. In-app feedback tools connect you right to the Onshape support team.

Click here to view our Support Center.

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Onshape easily imports and translates industry-standard CAD file formats for parts and assemblies, including wire bodies and sketch curves. Onshape supports CAD and Assembly imports from SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Creo, NX, STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, 3MF and others. Learn More.

Store all your project data together. Users have the ability to import and export many types of files, not only CAD files, from your hard drive and cloud based sources, such as images, movies, PDFs, Microsoft (word, excel, etc.), and more. Learn More.

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