In 2023, CES was back on the menu in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12.

CES, which stands for Consumer Electrictronics Show, is one of the most well-known tech conferences in the world. This year, over 3,200 exhibitors set up shop to showcase their products, ideas, and innovations.

Of course, our very own Vegas local Richard the “User Group Guy” attended, joined by 60-degrees-is-balmy Michael “the Professor” LaFleche, who flew in from New England to take in all the sights and sounds of the latest technology.

Richard and Michael in Las VegasRichard, left, and Michael hanging out by the Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Here are the highlights:

CES 2023: A Gathering of the Greatest Technology

“For me, the best thing was being around that many people again and watching a show floor and talking to folks and shaking some hands,” Richard said. “It just it was really great to get back out there again.”

“It was wicked nice to get out there,” added Michael.

Another interesting feature of CES is the Boring Company Hyperloop, where attendees can hop on, take a little rest from walking, and be transported to the other side of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center.

“It was really pretty cool,” Michael said. “Definitely beat the walk.”

3D Printing Automation 

“Existing technology like 3D printers are now transforming at a fast pace.” Michael said. “Iterations of what is considered fullybaked tech continues and grows with agile product development techniques.”

Now there are new materials that can be used to print with less waste or 3D printers can take advantage of 3D scanning technology to create custom prints (including shoes!).

Formlabs, in particular, had a system designed in Onshape that enables a fleet of automated 3D printers. The Automation Ecosystem allows users to “produce back-to-back prints non-stop without an operator.”

Electric Mobility

“Electric was everywhere. Scooters and cars and bicycles and motorcycles – just about everything. Even a lawnmower!” Richard said.

Michael agreed. “The event featured a lot of electric … and the tech that supports that, including portable power.”

More electric power options lower the barriers of entry for engineers who wish to start using tech that reduces the carbon footprint. 

“These types of technology often involve software or firmware requirements, which are almost always done agilely,” Michael said, noting that this new tech will impact product design. “Mechanical design teams also need to adopt a consistent development process to match this pace of innovation to stay relevant.”

New Ways to See the World

“The display technology was amazing,” Michael said of the giant display, shown above. “This was one of the displays of about a hundred curved LED panels and it. It was just overwhelming when you walk through here seeing these whales floating above you.”

Across the showroom floor were new types of displays and ways to interact with the world, including holographic, VR, AR 8K displays, and see-through monitors.

Next Event: Onshape Live ’23

“It's really good to kind of stay in touch with what's happening out there, especially in the world of Onshape. So many of our clientele would be in that kind of realm and space of building products of the next generation,” Michael said. “Things like EV and consumer products and sports technology, tons of Onshape representation in that space.”

Good thing Onshape Live ’23 is coming up (and PTC’s LiveWorx in May!).

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