Innovation has always been the heartbeat of human progress, propelling us forward since the invention of the first handheld tool. Now, as we stand on the threshold of 2024, great ideas are still taking shape daily, daring visionaries to find newer and better solutions.

In the dynamic world of technological advancement, innovative companies are meeting today’s challenges, with PTC’s Onshape helping to pave the way. 

Onshape, the most widely used, cloud-native product development program, provides support where other CAD platforms fall behind. This allows for agile support, ease of collaboration, and accelerated design development.

Harnessing the transformative power of Onshape to pioneer innovation in their respective fields stands these five forward-looking companies:

  • Lumafield

  • MicroDynamics

  • Tatum Robotics

  • Scewo

  • Hyphen Technologies

Lumafield: CT Scanners & Analysis

Founded in 2019, Lumafield specializes in industrial CT scanners, allowing manufacturers to comprehensively visualize and analyze intricate features inside and outside parts and assemblies.

With Lumafield’s technology, engineers can further refine designs, pinpointing misalignments, leaks, and collisions by harnessing the power of X-ray vision and artificial intelligence (AI). This unparalleled insight provided by Lumafield helps engineers build better products, making them more functional, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Traditional desktop CAD software presented significant challenges in collaboration, version control, and license management for Lumafield. Onshape emerged as a transformative solution, revolutionizing operations with its cloud-native platform, facilitating quicker onboarding of new engineers, and enabling seamless real-time collaboration.

In the words of Scott Johnston, co-founder and head of engineering at Lumafield, “Onshape helps us work quickly by letting our engineering team collaborate in real-time and provides a seamless platform for moving from design to production.”

MicroDynamics: Quality Control for Flexo Industries

Georgia-based MicroDynamics specializes in creating tools that ensure the quality and accuracy of printing processes. More specifically, MicroDynamics is a provider of precision anilox inspection systems for the flexo and gravure industries. They have developed innovative systems, like the 3DQC interferometric microscope, which help manufacturers maintain high standards for their printing equipment.

The product team at MicroDynamics transitioned to Onshape to leverage its cloud-native architecture and robust 3D CAD features. This shift allowed for effortless remote work and significantly reduced time spent on manual tasks, thanks to Onshape’s built-in Product Data Management (PDM) system. Moreover, advanced collaboration tools fostered effective communication throughout the design process.

Tatum Robotics: Tactile Sign Language Interpreter

Dedicated to revolutionizing communication for the deafblind community, Tatum Robotics developed the world's first tactile sign language interpreter, the Tatum T1 robot. 

This groundbreaking technology, capable of translating speech or text into tactile sign language, empowers individuals with deafblindness. The T1 also put Tatum Robotics on the 2024 Edison Awards Finalist list for advanced technologies in engineering and robotics. 

The team at Tatum Robotics drives innovation by embracing agile product development and utilizing Onshape. Tatum Robotics uses Onshape for secure design sharing and collaboration, accelerating the development process and ensuring control over access permissions.

“A benefit of Onshape is that you can easily share a design with someone and then withdraw access just as quickly,” said Samantha Johnson, founder and CEO of Tatum Robotics. “That is a huge advantage for us.”

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Scewo: Electric Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

Scewo is disrupting the wheelchair industry with “BRO” – the world's first electric stair-climbing wheelchair.

At first, when developing the BRO, the team used on-premises CAD software, which posed challenges to IT and workflow efficiency. Onshape proved to be a game-changer for Scewo. Its cloud-native architecture eliminated complex installations and enhanced collaboration across devices. Moreover, its modern interface facilitated seamless design iterations.

In a PTC blog, a Scewo team member credited Onshape as the best tool, allowing them to turn customer input into reality as quickly as possible. Along with streamlining the product development process, Onshape aligns with Scewo’s mission to make life more accessible for all.

Hyphen Technologies: Automated Makeline

“Putting commercial kitchens on autopilot,” reads Hyphen’s tagline on social media. 

With help from an investment from Chipotle, the team at Hyphen Technologies is testing a digital makeline cobot (collaborative robot) to build bowls and salads, giving workers more time to focus on other menu items.

Previously, the San Jose, California-based company faced product development challenges with their traditional CAD software SOLIDWORKS. This is where Onshape’s cloud-native CAD stepped in, improving workflows, strengthening collaboration, and ensuring a smooth data flow from design to production. 

For Hyphen, transitioning from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape streamlined file organization, enabled experimentation and enhanced collaboration, and fostered a more agile development process to tackle dispenser design challenges and ingredient permutations.

What’s Next?

Through the stories behind these transformative companies, it becomes clear that Onshape is more than just a CAD tool – it’s a gateway to innovation, collaboration, and progress. Whether revolutionizing industries or refining existing processes, Onshape provides the tools you need to design the future.

Join the ranks of Lumafield, MicroDynamics, Tatum Robotics, Scewo, and Hyphen Technologies – let Onshape be your partner in shaping tomorrow.

Every remarkable innovation commences with a single question: What's next? Embrace the future of design with Onshape and embark on a journey of endless possibilities.

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