It’s only April and Onshape for Education is already making 2022 a successful year.

Over the past four months, we’ve been leading global design competitions, supporting robotics teams nationwide, and making it possible for students to practice their creativity and build their design skills in and out of the classroom. 

Most recently, we were named the “Cool Tool” winner in the DIY/Maker Solution subcategory by EdTech Digest, a leading source for interviews, insights and trends on the future of learning. Onshape also was recognized as a finalist in two more subcategories: Cool Tool for the Coding, Computer Science, Engineering Solution, and the Cool Tool for the STEM Solution.

The EdTech Awards is the world’s largest recognition program for outstanding contributions to the education technology space. This year, EdTech chose the best from three different categories and their subcategories. The three award categories are Cool Tool, Leadership and Trendsetter, each with several subcategories recognizing different kinds of solutions, products, services and leaders. 

The EdTech Awards have been naming the best and brightest people, products and groups working in education technology for over a decade. It’s the who’s who and the what’s what in innovative learning – and Onshape is honored to be among the coolest tools.

EdTech Finalist 2022

Onshape as a Cool Tool

According to EdTech, a “Cool Tool” is a product in education and technology that is notable mainly due to its workability and attractiveness.

And “cool” means it is attractive, impressive and very interesting. (I might be biased, but Onshape fits that description to a T.)

Onshape was judged on several criteria: pedagogical workability, support, clarity, value, potential, and efficacy and results. 

With the criteria set, Onshape was able to stand out against the rest. After all, Onshape is the first and only of its kind to be entirely online. The CAD platform allows students to turn their ideas into tangible products by designing 3D models and then producing them through processes such as 3D printing, laser cutting, or CNC machining.

And it continues to grow in use and functionality. 

Educators Rely on Onshape

Onshape for Education is being used by over 1 million students and educators from all over the world. 

1 million Onshape for Education users

We love to hear from Onshape users and to share their experiences with others thinking about using a new CAD tool. Here’s a sampling of their stories from in the classroom and out.

The Onshape team is working to make these successful classroom experiences the norm for all educators and students with new courses, tips on preparing students for the Onshape Associate Certification and enlightening discussions on learning in the classroom

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