For the second consecutive year, Onshape was named to the annual Forbes Cloud 100, the iconic business magazine’s list of the “best and the brightest” of private cloud computing companies. Along with partners Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, Forbes compiled the list based on metrics such as revenue, sales growth, valuation and culture – combined with recommendations from 34 CEOs of public cloud companies.

The Cloud 100 covers a wide range of business-critical online tools, including analytics, operations, security, HR, finance, customer support, marketing and collaboration.

Onshape CEO and co-founder Jon Hirschtick notes that it’s no accident that Onshape is the only CAD system on the Forbes list.

“We didn’t build a modern cloud CAD system from scratch for the sake of being in the cloud, but so our customers can design their products faster and better,” he says. “It’s no coincidence that we rely on many of our fellow companies in the Forbes Cloud 100 – such as Stripe, Slack, Fuze, Drift, Zapier and Looker – to work faster ourselves.”

We use Stripe for payment processing, Slack for team-based messaging, Fuze for voicemail, Drift for in-app customer conversations, Zapier for integrating data between web apps, and Looker for data analytics. Those cloud tools are now so embedded in our everyday workflows that it’s hard to imagine ever going back to the “old way” of doing things.

One of the best parts of my job is chatting with successful Onshape customers and learning about their products. One of the most common reasons I hear for their initial attraction to Onshape is that all their other business productivity tools are already online – adding CAD to the club was an inevitable step. Cloud CAD makes their jobs easier, period.

How much easier?

  • GreenSight Agronomics, a drone designer bringing military technology to golf courses and farms, appreciates no longer having to deal with the aggravation of CAD crashes.
  • Synapse Product Development, an engineering firm for global brands, values Onshape for boosting collaboration between mechanical, electrical and software engineers.
  • Voxel Innovations, a leader in Pulsed Electrochemical Machining (PECM), enjoys the novel approach of Multipart Part Studios, where multiple parts are intuitively designed together in one workspace (instead of in separate files).
  • Voltea, a manufacturer of salt-free water softeners, finds that Branching makes it easier for engineers to present alternative design ideas to executives.

There’s no shortage of examples. A great place to find a company with design challenges similar to yours would be to flip through some of Onshape’s eBooks, such as “Preventing Product Design Bottlenecks” or “Modern CAD for Machine Design.”

The Forbes recognition comes at an opportune time as 2018 has been a landmark year for Onshape. We introduced two new editions of Onshape leveraging our unique database architecture for formal release management, and enterprise-class control and analytics. As Jon Hirschtick notes, “Companies of all sizes now have unprecedented visibility into every stage of their design and manufacturing process.”

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