Onshape is a professional-grade, cloud-native CAD platform that students and educators can access for FREE on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Visting Onshape on a Macbook


Features & Benefits

Professional Grade CAD


Perfect for Education

Onshape is a professional-grade 3D CAD software that manages all your data in the cloud, so it's always available. Built for classrooms and teams, Onshape lets everyone design together in real time. There are no barriers to get in the way of design: no installing, saving, syncing or setup. Onshape is ready when you are!

Onshape CAD on Mobile


Built for Teamwork

Work together in the same version, in the same Onshape Document. There is no need to check out files or worry about version conflicts. Students and teachers can work together in real time, making it easy to collaborate. With features such as Commenting, Tagging, and Branching, communication is streamlined and projects run smoothly.



CAD Anywhere, in Seconds

You and your students can simply create an account and begin using Onshape from anywhere, all without involving IT. Say goodbye to slow-running software, as our cloud-native system gives you access to all your files in seconds. Onshape also works on ALL of your devices, including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets and phones – iOS and Android.


Never Lose Work Again

Onshape has the power to store all your files and more. This makes the design process smoother and faster, since everyone has the same updated file, complete with any past iterations. Onshape keeps a complete history of changes so students will never accidentally lose work or overwrite each other's data.

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