Onshape for FIRST® Teams

FIRST teams can access Onshape for FREE on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Resources for Teams

Explore our catalog of self-paced courses, learning pathways, and more. If you are new to Onshape, consider these 3 recommendations:

How to Onboard Your FIRST Robotics Team Using Onshape

Check out this article for help setting up your team, importing data from an old CAD system, learning CAD basics, and more.

CAD Basics

Explore key concepts involved in modeling parts and assemblies in a feature-based parametric CAD system.

Onshape Fundamentals

Learn fundamental CAD concepts specific to Onshape including navigation, sketching, part studios, and assemblies.

MKCAD Onshape FRC Parts Library App

For FRC Teams, you can access the MKCAD Onshape FRC Parts Library app here for free in order to quickly insert common components used in FRC.

Team 2901’s Onshape FTC Parts Library

Check out this introduction to Team 2901’s Onshape FTC Parts Library, as well as a sample of the parts. Please email FIRST@ptc.com with the email addresses of each team member in need of access.

Intro to CAD Curriculum

This free curriculum provides educators with resources for teaching CAD, including Teacher Guides, Student Guides, and more.


FIRST Field Models

Access these Onshape field models to help inform your robot design for this year’s challenge. Copy the document and share it with your team, take measurements, insert your robot to see how it fits, and much more.