Is Your Business Missing Out on the Full Benefits of Cloud for Product Design?

Uncover 6 Warning Signs Your CAD and PDM Solution is Falling Short on the Cloud Promise

You may be considering moving to a product development solution labeled cloud-based, cloud-powered, cloud-enabled, or cloud-something. If it says ‘cloud’, surely you can expect the agility, scalability, and accessibility you were promised for your business. However, only platforms built natively for the cloud, or better said that are “cloud-native,” can deliver the full benefits of working online and on mobile devices.

Take this short quiz to uncover six warning signs that indicate that your CAD and PDM solution may be falling short.

How much IT support is required to deploy, maintain, and scale your CAD/PDM solution?

If maintaining your CAD/PDM solution is complex and time-consuming, it was not built for the cloud.

If your engineers have to deal with installations, servers, hardware compatibility, and more, that's significant downtime they could be spending designing your products. Alternatively, cloud-native CAD and PDM deploy quickly and scale in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

A Significant Amount

A big benefit of cloud-native software is the zero IT footprint.

Cloud-native software simplifies accessibility and eliminates the need for complex IT infrastructure, allowing users to access and utilize the software from anywhere. No downloads or updates are required, and all users have access to the latest features without interruption, maximizing productivity and efficiency.


How do you manage your product design data?

Manually managing CAD data is inefficient and error-prone, causing version control, organization, and security issues.

Cloud-native PDM solves these concerns by storing your data in the cloud, centralizing your data, and protecting against loss or unauthorized access.


Simply adding cloud storage won’t solve your data management issues.

Add-on solutions are costly and complex to support, and users still store files locally. Only cloud-native PDM offers the agility, scalability, and security you need for efficient data management.

Add-On or cloud-based PDM solution

Cloud-native software, like Onshape, inherently build data management into all CAD workflows.

With teams creating, storing, and managing their data in the cloud companies gain visibility with a complete history of users' actions. So business leaders always know who made what change, when, and from where.

Built-in or cloud-native PDM solution

What device(s) do you use for your product design work?

Cloud-native software ensures productivity, whether working remotely or in-office, online, or on a mobile device.

Real-time updates and advanced communication tools make flexible, anywhere, anytime work possible. You can stay connected with notifications and make release management decisions from your phone.

Any device, including mobile phones and tablets

Originally designed for Microsoft Windows, most mainstream CAD software have inherent dependencies and limitations.

Sticking with outdated CAD software, especially when it's used daily, can seriously frustrate and demotivate your team. In contrast, cloud-native solutions help engineering teams make quick decisions, review designs, or communicate on the go.

PC laptop

Does your team lose time dealing with data loss from software crashes?

If crashes are accepted as ‘the cost of the software,’ you're missing out.

One of the major reasons file-based CAD crashes is the immense load on the computer's memory and resources. Cloud-native software does not crash, nor does it require frequent hardware refreshes or updates just to be stable and reliable.

Yes, occasionally

A well-designed, cloud-native CAD and PDM solution doesn't crash or lose your work.

Multiple servers handle users' 3D modeling and data management tasks, providing redundancy. If one fails, another instantly takes over. True cloud-native solutions offer high uptime guarantees, ensuring reliable access and productivity.

No, never

How do you get the latest status on the progress your teams have made on their projects?

Cloud-native CAD & PDM increase transparency so you can monitor activity without chasing after people or reports.

Communication happens inside the design tool with advanced collaboration tools that allow you to comment, assign tasks, and receive notifications. With traceable correspondence and analytics offering real-time insights, you can better plan how engineering resources are utilized.

Notifications and Analytics

Having limited visibility into projects you oversee can be frustrating, especially when communication is outside the design tool.

Cloud-native CAD and PDM solutions like Onshape let you skip that email entirely. Users can view their assignments, managers can leave comments, and they can use Follow mode for collaborative editing together.

Meetings and Emails

Once your intellectual property (IP) goes to a 3rd party supplier, does your business have any way to prevent unauthorized copying, downloading, exporting, or redistribution?

Cloud-native software is more secure than legacy CAD software because of how information is stored and shared.

You can instantly grant or rescind access to IP using a range of permissions and prevent unauthorized downloading, exporting, or redistribution

Yes, we closely control access to our IP

Controlling access is crucial for protecting IP and ensuring only authorized individuals can view or modify designs.

Once design IP leaves your teams’ control, such as by email or ftp, tracking becomes impossible. Only cloud-native solutions can provide full audit trails and IP tracking.

No, I didn’t even think about that

Did one of your answers show that the cloud CAD solution you are looking at will never deliver the FULL range of benefits the cloud offers, or better said, is not cloud-native?

If your teams are depending on installed CAD software that’s been retrofitted for the cloud, you are limiting your teams' efficiency with time sinks that can cause product designers to lose up to a day a week of work.

Investing in cloud-native solutions can empower your team with enhanced accessibility, improved collaboration, and fortified security. At the same time, you will be reducing costs and providing a scalable infrastructure to build on. Embrace the transformative power of the cloud to propel your CAD and PDM into a new era of efficiency and innovation.

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