Onshape's collaborative capabilities are one of the key features that distinguishes it from other 3D CAD systems. Users can easily share their Documents with other Onshape users, teams within their organization, or the entire company. 

With the link share feature, users can also share Documents with people who don't have an Onshape account.

Exporting Parts and Surfaces from Onshape

export from link share

When sharing a Document using link sharing, users can choose to allow or prevent export from the shared Document by selecting the Export checkbox.

The type of data that can be exported from the Document depends on the type of item selected.

For example, to export 3D data for a single part or surface, right-click on it in the graphics area of a Part Studio or assembly, then select Export. Several different formats are available to save the 3D part. Alternatively, right-click the part in the Instances list of an assembly or the parts/surface list within a Part Studio and choose Export.

a gas leaf blower

exporting a part from the gas leaf blower

Exporting Assemblies and Part Studios

To export an entire Part Studio or assembly, right-click its tab within the Document and select Export.

Exporting an Assembly

Exporting 2D Faces and Sketches

Right-click on a planar face and select Export as DXF/DWG to obtain a 2D export of the face's outline. 

Exporting as a DXF/DWG

Similarly, right-click on a sketch and select Export as DXF/DWG to export the entire sketch to a 2D format.

Exporting the entire sketch to a 2D format

One downside of exporting from a link share rather than within a shared Document is that the options for exporting are limited.

If a Document were explicitly shared to a user with read permission rather than a link share, that user would be able to download the exported data and choose to create an email with a file download link. This option creates and sends an email to the specified recipients and allows for the download link to be password-protected. Users may also set an expiration date for the download.

This is not possible if the Document is accessed via a link share. Instead, only the direct download option is available.

Link sharing is a convenient way to share your CAD data with someone without an Onshape account. Collaborators are instantly able to open the Document and gather the required information, with no software installation necessary.

As demonstrated in this Tech Tip, collaborators may also export CAD data for their own use cases when allowed.

To learn more about exporting data from Onshape, check out the course Importing and Exporting Data within the Onshape Learning Center.

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