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Natural Resources & Energy

A valve fixture in Onshape

Accelerate Innovation

Equipment manufacturers are under constant pressure from natural resource and power generation companies to deliver complex equipment and modular construction solutions with high reliability, fast turnaround and lower total cost of ownership. Demands for more efficient extraction methods and alternative energy solutions require fast-paced innovation in a competitive market.

Onshape is the only product development platform that enables a true collaborative and concurrent engineering workflow. Teams work together in real-time to brainstorm new concepts and new ideas, identify and solve complex design problems and deliver groundbreaking solutions faster than ever before.

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Leverage Domain Expertise

Equipment manufacturers need to leverage the domain expertise of their extended network of contractors and suppliers to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and help transform product ideas into a real competitive advantage. Real-time input from multiple project stakeholders enables teams to focus on creative solutions to challenging problems.

Design and manufacturing partners with domain expertise are critical to your success. Onshape enables product data to be shared securely with external contractors and suppliers with the right level of permissions. No data ever leaves Onshape’s servers and data access can be revoked at any time, so your intellectual property is protected at all times.

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Instant Access Anywhere

Power generation and natural resource extraction often occur in remote and harsh environments. Field service engineers need to communicate and correct unforeseen design issues, modify existing installations and react to changing requirements as quickly as possible to minimize unscheduled downtime.

Onshape’s cloud-native architecture enables design data to be viewed and edited on any device. Field service engineers can instantly access, interrogate, comment on and make modifications to customer design data from any location using a smartphone or tablet. Automatic notification of design changes and new revisions help manufacturing teams and local suppliers process and deliver replacement parts faster.

"As our company grows, Onshape has made it so much easier for me to manage our different engineering groups and review their progress in real time."

Azizi Tucker
CTO, XING Mobility

"We have more than 40 engineers around the world, working on 10 to 20 different projects at any one time. Onshape gives us the confidence that we always have the correct information – in one central place – and that it is always updated. We never have version control problems."

Tore Bjørkås
CEO, Focus Engineering

"The reason we moved to Onshape is we wanted to get better, we wanted to get faster, we wanted to be more efficient. I’m a big believer in ‘if there’s a way to get better, you do it."

Rob Cutsforth
CEO, Cutsforth

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