Agile Companies Prefer Designing in Onshape

Israeli renewable energy company says cloud-native Onshape helps accelerate their design process by 10X.

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Multinational manufacturing company FHE relies on Onshape’s “Light User” collaboration tools to streamline communication with global suppliers.

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Dixie Iron Works, a global leader in oil field flow equipment, switched to cloud-native CAD and PDM to accelerate its time-to-market and significantly reduce its IT overhead.

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Keeping the Lights On with Cloud-Native CAD and PDM.

In the power industry, every outage, every hour of downtime can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cutsforth, a leading manufacturer of maintenance equipment for electric power plants (nuclear, coal, wind, hydroelectric and natural gas), switched from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape after years of frustration with the bottlenecks of traditional file-based CAD.

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"Onshape took me from knowing zero CAD designing to designing and engineering full and complex parts."

"Incredible features and value in the Cloud."

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"Break through product - long overdue in CAD Industry...Wish this tool were around 10 years ago...Don’t be afraid of the cloud."

Designing the Future of Energy

As the world transitions from fossil fuels to cleaner and more renewable energy sources, new opportunities are emerging for manufacturers in the energy sector. Across the board, energy companies are challenged to deliver affordable, innovative, safe and compliant solutions in a fiercely competitive market.

There is also widespread demand for power generation and utilities that can offer higher rates of reliability and efficiency, while giving more control to consumers to optimize their energy footprint . Reducing energy waste is just as critical as developing new alternatives to heat and cool our homes, fuel our vehicles and power our factories.

Using cloud-native CAD, PDM and connected PLM, product development teams can better collaborate in real time to brainstorm new concepts and ideas, identify and solve complex design problems, and deliver groundbreaking solutions faster than ever before.

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Be Agile

The energy sector is home to a high number of startups with ambitions to tackle climate change and sustainability challenges with smart new ideas. But for companies with limited resources, bringing new products to market is no easy task.

Onshape is the only cloud-native product development platform that delivers full-featured CAD, built-in PDM, and enterprise analytics in a single solution. Its annual subscription model and zero-IT overhead lowers the total cost of ownership, reducing financial risk and freeing up budget to build your business.

Easily deployed, Onshape is available 24/7 on any web-connected device, so teams can reliably collaborate together in real-time from anywhere in the world. With Git-inspired version control engineering and manufacturing teams can adopt more agile processes and act quickly with the right information, even in changing circumstances.

Be IoT Ready

Many of the best new ideas for disrupting the energy market will incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, in the form of smart sensors and PCBs, that enable devices to take measurements, monitor energy use, and offer actionable insights about their ever-changing environments.

Onshape’s PCB Studio connects your ECAD data with Onshape’s MCAD design environment, helping teams get products to market faster with mechanical and electrical designs developing in parallel. Designing the PCB concurrently with the mechanical design allows design teams to define board dimensions, enclosure layout options and keep-outs earlier, to reach a final design faster.

Be Mobile

Renewable energy promises a pathway to a more sustainable energy industry. But in order to be pragmatic and cost-effective, equipment must be designed to take best advantage of intermittent sources such as wind and sunlight.

Green-tech companies have to work in the field as productively as they do in the office. Product designs have to be tailored from the start to reflect the environmental and installation challenges of their intended destination and to increase serviceability once they’re located in the field.

With Onshape’s cloud-native architecture, field engineers can access and interrogate design data on any device, often in remote and harsh environments, as long as there is wifi.

Be Collaborative

Energy equipment manufacturers frequently rely on the domain expertise of their extended network of contractors and suppliers to increase efficiency, reduce risk and transform new ideas into real competitive products and market advantage.

Sharing data between distributed design and manufacturing teams and supply-chain partners can place intellectual property (IP) at risk. With Onshape’s fully traceable and comprehensive audit logs, you always know who is looking at your proprietary designs and when.

Better protect your ideas with Onshape’s strict security protocols. No data ever leaves Onshape’s cloud-based servers, and access to Onshape Documents (URLs) can be revoked at any time.

Be First

In the fiercely competitive energy world, brand recognition and customer loyalty is most often won by companies that bring the latest technologies to market early.

When trying to design for social, economic and environmental factors, and be first to market, the last thing that energy companies need is disorganization and inaccessible design data.

Onshape’s cloud-native CAD with built-in PDM saves teams significant time by ensuring that everyone has access to the latest design data on any device. Onshape users get their products to market faster with concurrent design workflows that leverage flexible and powerful Branching and Merging strategies.

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