Onshape users all over the world have been hard at work on some cool and creative CAD projects. We’re excited to show you just a few of our favorite designs for the summer. 

But first! If you have been working on a model and are ready to show it off, you can post a link to the Onshape Forums to be featured on an episode of the Innovator’s Insider podcast!

What Ya Cookin’ With?


Nothing says summer like outdoor cooking. Onshape Principal Technician Services Engineer Matt Rohr 3D designed the essential gadget for a flavorful summer. 

The Offset BBQ Smoker is heavy-duty, durable, and easy to clean. The large wagon-style wheels make it easy to move around your backyard and the porcelain cooking grates provide enough space to cook ribs, pork shoulders, and brisket for the whole family.

Take a look at the smoker’s features and specifications and explore how Onshape’s Render Studio helped create this model.

We Like Sailboats and We Cannot Lie


Whether you sail for adventure, to meet new people, to see new places, or just to find peace, make sure you are sailing on a boat you enjoy spending time in. 

After building a 12-foot boat, Cole Durbin, technical program manager at Formlabs, decided to step up the boat game by setting out on a new CAD project designing a model 16-foot pointer boat with a hull designed for top performance inspired by David Stimson’s Ocean Pointer.

Explore every detail of Cole's 3D model boat along with six renderings for a more detailed look.

Mountain Bike CAD Project Rides the Trail

mountain bike model

The development and design of the first modern mountain bike is credited to Joe Breeze in 1977 and the mountain biking community has only grown since then. 

While mountain bikes often look similar to any other bike, they require a stronger frame, a full suspension system, and rims that can tackle the roughest terrain. 

This CAD model of a Downhill Mountain Bike was designed with the help of Onshape, which made it a breeze to design, model, and create production drawings.

Take a look into the process of designing the mountain bike to further understand how Onshape’s cloud-native CAD tools can help with your next CAD project. 

Dive Into the Bootjack ROV 3D Design

underwater rov rendered

Onshape’s UI made it easy for Caleb Larsen to get a start on his latest CAD project – a remotely operated underwater vehicle

"It is fast and working with multiple Documents is easy. I really like the newly added Variable Studio feature. This allows me to parametrically drive many aspects of my model from a single global source of truth,” he said.

His inspiration came from the student-run nonprofit Student Organization of Aquatic Robotics (SOAR), which works toward improving the local watershed. This has led Caleb to aim for designing an underwater ROV that can also be easily 3D printed. 

Check out Caleb’s Bootjack ROV renderings, including some underwater views.

From CAD Model to Thoughtful Gift

french easel modeled

Brett Dexheimer always had a passion for woodworking and metalwork, and when he found out about Onshape through his work colleagues, he figured it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about CAD modeling to take on the project of designing French easel for his son, a mechanical engineer and budding artist.

Even though Brett was a beginner, he found the CAD tool easy to use and found that knowing every detail of his own design helped him put the French easel together flawlessly in his wood shop. 

Explore Brett’s incredibly detailed easel model to find inspiration for your next project. 

Ready, Set, Mow!

mower rendered

Battery-powered mowers give users all the benefits of an electric mower without being restricted by a cable and often are much lighter than a gas mower. 

In this CAD project, the goal was to design a battery-powered lawn mower with a self-propulsion system using Onshape’s cloud-native CAD tool. The 14-member team was able to split into five groups to tackle every part of the design while coordinating tasks – all made possible by Onshape’s collaboration tools.

The 3D model features a bailout and safety switch, a telescopic and foldable handle, and mower speed control all while weighing a low 32.935 kg, saving battery power. 

A Powerful 3D Design Model

solar panels rendered

Higher electric and heating bills have led to residential solar power needs to grow at a rapid rate in recent years, which leads to a race to produce the most durable and highly efficient solar panels. 

This solar panel is able to produce a high and steady amount of electricity even in high temperatures. The sleek design means there are no hardware parts sticking out and the sheet metal casing helps keeps wires safe and secure.

Learn more about the solar panel design by exploring the 3D model.

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