Here at Onshape, we're gearing up for a Thanksgiving feast that's sure to challenge the structural integrity of our dining tables. We're sending you virtual slices of pie and wishing you a holiday weekend crammed with more fun than a crowded circuit board.

We're also taking a moment to shout out to the real MVPs of Onshape: our users. You’re out there on the front lines building products, talking to customers, and getting things done – the reason Onshape was founded in the first place. 

Onshape co-founder and CEO Jon Hirschtick and other core members of the original SOLIDWORKS team started Onshape because they were fed up with what they saw around them

  • Too many valuable design engineers wasting time grappling with CAD files that proliferated through copies, workarounds, and pure mischance.

  • Too many vendors offering cloud-based product development software that turned out to be cloud-storage.

  • Too many users are settling for hybrid-cloud, where CAD runs locally, PDM runs in the cloud, and data is stored in local files uploaded and downloaded to the cloud.

Onshape is a cloud-native CAD solution with built-in PDM that pushes improvements out every three weeks. 

We’re thankful our customers find Onshape valuable, and we’re proud they’ve chosen us to be part of their work. Thanks to G2, the leading peer-to-peer software review site, we can reproduce some comments that brighten our holiday season. 

1. Collaboration and Communication

Onshape was designed to be multi-user; in other words, it’s architected so everyone can "eat together". That means you no longer have to dread team projects, something to celebrate, because you can collaborate simultaneously and communicate within your design.

2. Mate Connectors


Onshape's Mate Connectors have truly distinguished themselves in the realm of cloud CAD, earning praise from a satisfied user who aptly described the platform as "Cloud-based CAD probably based in Heaven." 

Onshape's Mate Connectors, they say, simplify the often intricate task of 3D modeling and contribute to a streamlined design process. Even amid the transition from SOLIDWORKS, the user perceived Onshape as a strategic advancement, attributing this positive shift to the advanced capabilities of Onshape's Mate Connectors.

3. Enhancements

Nobody wants to wait for software updates, requiring massive effort from your IT staff and downtime. Onshape delivers fresh, new features every three weeks. Think of them as digital side dishes to a bountiful meal. As the user below writes: “... feature updates every three weeks, always on time..”


4. Customer Service

Comedians have built careers imitating the maddening, and varied waits customers in various industries must endure to reach a human being who can help them. With Onshape, you’ll hear from a human being quickly. Our customer service agents are able to access users’ shared workspaces (with permission) to solve the problem in real time – instead of requiring you to assemble information for the support team. 


5. No Crashes

That’s the power of cloud-native. All data is stored instantaneously and redundantly in the cloud. “I have never had a crash in all this time…,” says the user below. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

should be


We can’t resist the Thanksgiving-themed humor. Don’t be a turkey and buy an additional PDM system. Onshape has it built-in. It's like getting the cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy all in one cloud-native go. 

Taking it further is the Onshape-Arena Connection, which brings CAD, PDM, and PLM together. In this user’s words, “... there is no need to purchase PLM tools; it [Onshape] has in-built PLM.”


7. The Ability to Focus On Your Design

Saving the best for last…


As we round off this Thanksgiving message – and become rounder ourselves here in the United States – we wish you a festive weekend and a holiday season filled with joyful moments.

Thank you for being part of our Onshape community.

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