Onshape continues to add more breadth and depth to the product and more value to your subscription, with new simulation types and many modeling and drawing improvements to enhance and streamline your design workflow. Let's take a look…

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After taking a look, please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments in the Onshape Forums post. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Simulation Improvements

Modal Analysis

Onshape Simulation now supports Modal Analysis, providing meaningful feedback on a design's rigidity and vibrational characteristics. Available to all Onshape Professional and Enterprise users, Modal Analysis works alongside linear static analysis in Assemblies, staying in sync with your mate connections, changes to geometry, and Versions and history.

With minimal setup and no hardware requirements, Modal Analysis supports the identification of rigid modes and the calculation of non-loaded natural frequencies. This allows you to more easily understand the inherent resonance of your design in order to minimize noise, design for operating conditions, and enhance structural integrity. 

Part Studios Improvements

Thin Revolve

Revolve is the latest feature to have a Thin type added. Build thin-walled cylindrical parts and features like grooves much faster and with fewer clicks.

Patterned Sketches with External References

Feature patterns now re-evaluate all external references in sketches, for every instance, when Reapply features (the new name for Apply per instance) is enabled. Each sketch in the pattern is solved as if it is a new feature, making it easy to add design intent and create more complex geometry with ease.

Mate Connectors In-Context

Explicit Mate connectors created in Parts and Assemblies can now be shown and referenced while editing in context.

Material in Properties Dialog

Material is now shown as a read-only field in the Part Properties dialog, so you no longer have to look in multiple places to get the information you need. To edit the material, either right-click the Part in the Part Studio and select Assign/Edit material... or if the Part belongs to an Assembly, you can edit the material from the BOM table by double-clicking the cell.

Assembly Improvements

Indicate Overridden Computed Properties in BOM

Computed part properties overriden either from the Part Properties dialog or from the BOM table are now indicated by an information icon and tooltip to highlight where any values were changed. Any aggregated value affected by a manual change is also indicated. To reset each property back to its calculated value, either right-click the cell in the BOM table and select Remove override or uncheck the Override option in the Part Properties dialog.

Indicate Overridden Computed Properties in BOM

Drawing Improvements

Fit Class Tolerances on Hole Features

Hole features in Part Studios now have built-in fit class tolerances, removing the need to manually look up the required tolerance limits based on hole diameter, fit class, and chosen drawing standard. Applied tolerances can be viewed in the Hole table in the Part Studio before the Part is added to a Drawing for annotation. Hole callouts in Drawings will automatically show any holes with a designated fit class tolerance, plus the option to show the opposing shaft tolerance class, for a more streamlined and automated detailing and manufacturing workflow.

Datum Targets Referencing Other Datum Targets

Datum targets can now be created by referencing the location of another datum target to enable chain-style dimensioning for easier fixture creation.

General Improvements


Every release of Onshape includes performance improvements across the board, with some improvements being more noticeable than others. In this release, there are several performance improvements that make a significant difference in areas such as:

  • Large Assembly Drawings with large BOM tables and many views now open faster.

  • Comments and replies are now loaded on demand to make Documents with hundreds of comments open faster.

  • Drawing session timeouts have been increased to reduce the number of Document reloads required.

  • Computed Part Properties are now evaluated on demand to make Property dialogs open faster. To update a computed part property, press the Calculate value button. This does not affect other areas where computed part properties are evaluated, such as Assembly BOM tables and Drawings.

a performance update

URLs in Tasks

Task descriptions that include Onshape Document URLs are now resolved to the correct Document name and shown as a clickable link. External website URLs are also added as a link with a tooltip warning you that you are visiting a website outside of Onshape.

URLs in Tasks

Import/Export Improvements

Explode Table Text into Polylines

To make text export in DWG and DXF formats more usable in other downstream applications, a new option in the Export dialog enables you to either Export as text, Explode into polylines (notes) (the previous behavior), or Explode all into polylines (which includes notes, dimensions, title blocks and tables).


FeatureScript Improvements

Publish Custom Features

Custom Features can be hard to find especially when there are multiple copies of the same Document. To remedy this, Custom Feature authors may now publish their work to help others find their original features and to get a list of features that are available. Existing features can also be published, so if you have been kind enough to make your features public, please publish them to help other users work smarter.

Reminder: You do not need to copy a Custom Feature Document to use the feature in your designs. Open the Document and click the Add a custom features button in the top toolbar and the feature appears in your Part Studio toolbar. Please do not make a copy of the Document unless you intend to modify it. This helps keep the public repository clutter-free. You are also notified automatically if the original feature is updated.

Mobile Improvements

Cut List Tables on iOS

The Cut list from a model created using Frame features in a Part Studio can now be shown on iOS devices by clicking the icon on the right-side panel on iPad and from the three-dot menu in the top right corner on iPhone.

Cut list tables on iOS

Enterprise Improvements

Publication and Document Info Panel Dashboards

Publications now have their own analytics dashboard built into the Document info panel on the right of the Documents page, detailing Referenced Items, Obsolete Items, Access Locations, and more. Both the Publication Dashboard and the Document Dashboard are now visible for users with view permissions.

Learning Center Improvements

New Self-Paced Courses

The Onshape Training Team has taken the popular Instructor-led Release Management course and made a new Release Management for Administrators course available. This course covers Release Management settings for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. A second course, Release Management for Users, will follow in the coming weeks.

Modal Analysis has been added to the Introduction to Onshape Simulation course. This new section introduces users to frequency analysis within Onshape and helps them obtain intuitive guidance on the resonance and rigidity of their designs.

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