How many people are on your design team? Are they all in the same office or are they spread around the country or even around the world?

As the first and only full-cloud CAD system, Onshape can help your design team dramatically improve collaboration in numerous ways. Here are three easy ways to get started: 

  1. Working With Vendors

    If you work with a vendor, consider using Onshape as your tool for collaboration. Just Share the Document and your vendor will get immediate access to your CAD model. Onshape’s Follow Mode and Comment capabilities allow you and your vendor to communicate effectively.

  3. Simultaneous Editing

    With Onshape, users can simultaneously edit the same model. This means large projects can be assigned to an entire team instead of just one person. And because Onshape updates in real time, the entire team will instantly know when a change has been made.

  4. Design Review

    Onshape is a full-cloud CAD tool. This means you can share your models with anyone and no installation is required. Now your designs can be reviewed by those without any CAD software installed. Share your design with sales, management, and the shop floor and they can review it for free. Your designs are even accessible from a mobile device using the Onshape app.


Watch the video at the top of this post for more tips on collaboration. Say goodbye to checking out CAD files from a PDM system or sharing them by email or Dropbox – and start spending more of your design team’s time on designing!