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Cloud-native Onshape lets users innovate fearlessly

Onshape is architected for the cloud, so teams can innovate fearlessly. With robust collaboration, advanced analytics, and integrated data management, Onshape redefines the product development process.


Ocado Technology, a world-leading enterprise of robotics and automation, has leveraged cloud-native Onshape to accelerate and streamline its product design process.

Why Onshape for Your Enterprise

Increased Workflow Efficiency with Simultaneous Collaboration

Onshape Enterprise provides a “single source of truth,” enabling real-time collaboration while eliminating version control errors and blocked access. With Onshape Enterprise, you can easily add or remove new users and new locations as your company grows, including Light users who do not need full CAD functionality.

Security in the Cloud

Onshape Enterprise makes security at scale easy with single-sign on, role-based access, and unalterable tracking of design documents. With Onshape, document owners remain in control and can grant or revoke specific levels of access from read-only to editing privileges.

Improved Agile Product Development

The cloud-native architecture of Onshape Enterprise means data is available in real time to all stakeholders– enabling more informed actions and decision making. In addition to connecting with Arena PLM, Onshape Enterprise supports custom release workflows to accelerate your time-to-market and drive growth.

Advanced Business Analytics

Onshape Enterprise turns data into actionable insights with dashboard analytics that provide managers with real-time information. Now, managers can optimize processes, identify bottlenecks earlier, balance resources, provide guidance, and overcome delays.

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