Many CAD users are transitioning from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape and want to reuse legacy data. 

Migrating data feels daunting, but Onshape provides multiple methods to upload file-based data to the cloud. 

This Tech Tip focuses on valuable strategies for importing SOLIDWORKS data; however, Onshape also supports standard neutral formats (STEP, X_T, among others).

Import an SLDPRT File

Migrating legacy data is only sometimes necessary. Many users begin new designs with Onshape, only translating active data. In this case, it is straightforward to import files individually.

From the Documents page, select Create > Import Files and select an SLDPRT file. In the dialog, select Import a Single Document. 

Alternatively, upload data into an existing Document by selecting Insert New Tab > Import.

Pro Tip: Learn how to import files using DropBox, Google Drive, or a Microsoft OneDrive account.

Import a SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go File

Importing a Pack and Go file is an efficient way to migrate a SOLIDWORKS assembly and maintain file references. 

Prepare the Pack and Go file in SOLIDWORKS by enabling Include Toolbox Components and Flatten to a Single Folder. Save the Pack and Go to a ZIP file with the same name as the top-level assembly.

solidworks pack and go file

Before importing a Pack and Go assembly, review Onshape's Import Options.

Migrate Bulk Data with Monarch

Monarch is a powerful partner app that streamlines bulk data migration from SOLIDWORKS. Monarch delivers many benefits beyond standard import capabilities:

  • Enforce file uniqueness and prevent duplicate uploads.

  • Map metadata and custom properties from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape.

  • Translate SLDDRW files to PDF or DXF file format and attach them to the applicable 3D model.

  • Associate non-CAD files to relevant SOLIDWORKS data.

Bulk imports using Monarch

Monarch is available at the Onshape App Store. Value pricing may apply to eligible accounts. Contact us for details.

Pro Tip: Migrate your SOLIDWORKS parts with Features using SolidTranslate.

Watch the video below to see these strategies in action:

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