Since the beginning of this year, Onshape has introduced a slew of significant updates over 14 releases. These What’s New enhancements span various facets of the platform, catering to the diverse needs of users from all backgrounds.

During the "Quarterly Onshape Review: Learn What’s New (October 2023)" webinar, Onshape's Director of Technical Services Cody Armstrong and Head of Product Greg Brown share their favorite improved functionalities that have been released over the past few months. 


Sheet Metal Improvements

For sheet metal users, Onshape now offers a Flange Alignment option dubbed “Hold Line.” This feature facilitates the extension of a flange beyond a selected edge, enhancing design flexibility. 

Additionally, Onshape allows the seamless export of multiple flat patterns simultaneously, streamlining the production process for users in this domain. The new export option is called Scope.

Frames Improvements

In Onshape Frames, Onshape users can now define an angle reference relative to other geometry.

Furthermore, Custom Frame Profiles Libraries are now a reality. Under Professional and Enterprise licenses, Onshape enables teams to create and manage a shared Frame library managed by an administrator. Additionally, individual users can create their own Custom Frame Profile Library folders for a tailored and efficient design workflow.

“This is a really good one, too, because it highlights the advantages, almost the unfair advantages that Onshape's platform gives us,” Brown says. “To be able to do these sorts of things without having to distribute packets of files and then have people have multiple out-of-date versions of those files. This is the right way to do it in a data-centric world.”

Surfacing Improvements

Onshape's surfacing capabilities receive a dynamic boost by introducing new curve types and measurement tools. 

In What’s New 1.66, Onshape released an evaluation tool for measuring the Dihedral Analysis, allowing users to view the angle of deviation between two faces evaluated at an edge.

With an Isocline (curves on a face), users can choose one or more faces, indicate a reference direction, and specify an angle. Isoclines are handy for crafting silhouette curves and tangency lines, perfect for adding that personal touch with manual draft adjustments.

The enhanced Bridging Curve feature streamlines endpoint and end direction creation from Mate Connectors, simplifying the design process. 

Want more Surfacing tips and tricks? Check out “10 Tips to Improve Your Surfacing Skills.” 

Usability Improvements

In the realm of usability, Onshape has rolled out a series of improvements tailored to enhance user experience.

One of the standout features is the ability for users to customize their keyboard shortcuts. This highly requested functionality lets users personalize their interactions with the software, significantly improving workflow efficiency. 

“Custom keyboard shortcuts was one of the most requested items on our list of requested items,” Brown says. “It's being done in a really, really nice way inside Onshape because these preferences that you define are part of your account preferences.”

Other notable updates include resizing feature dialogues, automatic importation of face and body appearances, enhanced rotation behavior, and the ability to measure while in a section view. Additionally, users can now convert Boolean and Text parameters into expressions, providing a powerful customization and design versatility tool.

PDM/PLM Improvements

The Onshape-Arena Connection has introduced a PDM-PLM feature, allowing users to save draft Release Candidates. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing large release candidates that demand extensive time and effort. The introduction of List View offers a more intuitive navigation experience, simplifying locating specific items within the product’s structure. 

Furthermore, the seamless integration between Onshape-Arena Connection’s next release showcases the prowess of cloud-native systems collaborating seamlessly. The integration simplifies processes, eliminating the need for cumbersome exports and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Learn more about the Onshape-Arena Connection. 

There’s So Much More

To see a complete list of recent updates, look at the Onshape changelog. And, to join in on the excitement of a fresh release, head to the Onshape Forums for the latest.

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...and CAM!

Onshape is thrilled to introduce the early visibility release of CAM Studio, a significant milestone in computer-aided design. 

"We're excited to share this news today," Armstrong says. "CAM Studio is now available for early visibility, and we can't wait to dive into it with our users."

This release signifies the first opportunity for users to engage with CAM Studio and offer vital feedback. Onshape eagerly anticipates the insights from the user community to refine the product further.

"As we embark on this journey to make CAM Studio accessible to all, your feedback is invaluable," Armstrong says.

If you're eager to be part of this exciting phase and want to test CAM Studio, Onshape welcomes your participation. Reach out via email at Your input will be instrumental in shaping this innovative tool.

CAM Studio

Check out the latest developments around Onshape’s CAM Studio, which is currently available via EVP (invitation only).