Onshape Professional includes a number of company-wide administration tools to help you manage multiple users and easily define company standards and procedures. These tools also provide better protection for your intellectual property and simplify the sharing of design data with your colleagues.

If you’ve already upgraded to the Professional Plan, your Company will have been automatically set up for you using default options. To see your Company information, go to “My account” under your user name in the top right corner of the screen and click the menu options under your Company name on the left.

The Professional Plan offers consolidated billing, where the Company Administrator is responsible for managing the number of users in the Company. If you want to add more users, simply increase the “Number of users you are paying for,” press Update, and your account will be billed for the additional users. New subscriptions will be prorated to coincide with your annual billing cycle (for additional billing details, see our FAQs). You can invite new users just by using their email addresses (preferably company-provided email addresses) and they can be up and running in Onshape in minutes without having to download or install anything!

When adding users, you have the option to specify their role as either an “Admin” or a “Member.” Admin users have permission to add or remove users, change the role of users, delete Documents owned by the Company, and change Company settings. Members are more restricted and are generally limited to sharing Documents with the Company and receiving shared Documents from others. Documents created by users within your Company are owned by the Company instead of the individual user. This means that as team members come and go over time, your designs remain securely under Company control.

Onshape Companies also enable sharing of company-defined materials, the creation of custom properties and Release Management and Approval Workflows.

One last benefit is simplified sharing. Sharing a Document with your entire company can be easily done from the “Companies” tab in the Share dialog.

Companies in Onshape Professional give you a more efficient, convenient, and secure way to manage your users, your CAD projects and your Company.