Onshape is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BMF Material Technology, a world leader in micro/nano-scale 3D printing and disruptive precision manufacturing. Micro/nano-scale 3D printing is a breakthrough technology now in high demand by manufacturers of extremely small and complex parts such as connectors, endoscopes, cardiac stents and tiny springs.

BMF plans to use Onshape’s real-time data management platform to speed up collaboration and communication with its customers, helping them optimize their CAD models for the most accurate printed parts.

“On a daily basis, there are companies all over the world – throughout Asia, Europe and the United States – contacting us for printing small parts with our nanoArch® printers,” says BMF’s CEO, Dr. Xiaoning He. “Before using Onshape, we had to email CAD files back and forth with our customers. But now we can have our team in China and our customers overseas work together on the same model at the same time. It has really improved our efficiency and speed, and Onshape is the only CAD system that can deliver this capability.”

BMF Material Technology, a pioneer in micro/nano-scale 3D printing, uses Onshape’s cloud CAD platform for real-time collaboration between its team in China and their customers worldwide.

Micro/nano-scale 3D printing was recently cited as a “breakthrough technology” by MIT Technology Review.

As BMF customers collaborate with the company’s additive manufacturing experts to refine their CAD models, Onshape records every edit in a comprehensive history log. By clicking on any point in the timeline, Onshape users can instantly go back to any prior state of the design.

“The edit history log is a huge advantage for us,” adds He. “It speeds up the learning curve for our customers. We’re in the 3D printing business, not the design business. Onshape will help us teach our clients how to deliver better designs the next time.”

BMF’s research-grade 3D printers have been adopted by some of the world’s top scientific institutions, including Masdar Institute in UAE, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences - SINANO, Nanjing University, as well as leading industrial partners. BMF has offices in Boston, Hong Kong, Wuxi and Shenzhen.

To learn more about the BMF-Onshape partnership, read the full press release here.