Onshape has gained popularity for its user-friendly design experience, real-time collaboration tools, and a new approach to PDM, making it the most widely used cloud-native CAD & PDM platform.

Its Free plan, which includes a suite of sophisticated modeling tools for public use, makes high-quality CAD (computer-aided design) software widely accessible to anyone. But, there are compelling reasons to consider upgrading to the Onshape Professional plan, which provides additional features that accelerate product design. 

For a limited time, PTC is providing access to the Professional plan through the Onshape Discovery Program. Through this program, qualified users can access Onshape Professional at no cost, for up to six months. 

Yes, you read that right! For a limited time, you can explore all the benefits of Onshape Professional for free, enhancing your CAD skills and improving collaboration while accelerating your projects.

Let’s explore why upgrading to Onshape Professional is a strategic move for both you and your company.

Extended CAD Features

One of the primary reasons to upgrade to the Professional plan is access to a wealth of extended CAD features such as simulation, advanced rendering, and MCAD/ECAD exchange. These features elevate the design process so engineers and designers alike can tackle more intricate and demanding design projects.

Secure Cloud Storage

Upgrading to Onshape's Professional plan gives your company unlimited private cloud storage, ensuring your privacy and protecting your intellectual property (IP). This ensures your design data is securely stored and remains within the company's possession regardless of changes in engineering staffing. Today, no one works alone, and the ability to instantly share and control access to your design data is crucial for communication and maximizing productivity.

Customization for Companies

Onshape's Professional plan offers you the ability to configure Onshape for your specific business needs. You can build and share company-specific material libraries and metadata, Drawings, or BOM templates and keep those shared resources always up to date as a single source of truth. With Onshape, companies can fine-tune the platform to align with their specific workflows and organizational structure. 

Enhanced PDM with Release Management

Managing CAD data can be challenging, especially when dealing with numerous design iterations and versions. The Professional plan includes release management, Where Used for advanced searching, bulk item management, and more. These features ensure you can track revisions, find information, and organize data efficiently.

Technical Support and Training

As a Professional plan user, you benefit from direct, in-product technical support, which can be a game-changer when encountering issues or having questions. Additionally, PTC offers training resources, webinars, and documentation to help users get the most out of Onshape. This level of support ensures that users can overcome challenges while continuously improving their CAD skills.

Scalability for Businesses

One is a lonely number. Invite your friends and colleagues to design with you on projects. For businesses, the Professional plan offers flexible licensing, allowing you to instantly provision (add or remove) users as your needs change, aligning and scaling with your growth. Managers and team leaders can use centralized dashboards to control user access, set permissions, monitor activity, and manage company-wide design data, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced security.

So, get your team into Onshape today, hassle-free and without obligations. With one simple form, you can start with up to 5 individuals and add more users to your company as needed.

Become an Onshape Professional

These reasons, plus many more, are why many CAD users upgrade to Onshape Professional. While Onshape's Free Plan offers a great starting point for CAD enthusiasts, qualified users now have the opportunity to realize the additional benefits of the most widely used cloud-native CAD & PDM system through the Onshape Discovery Program.  

Don’t miss out on this chance to upgrade. Discover Onshape Professional today!

The Onshape
Discovery Program

Learn how qualified CAD professionals
can get Onshape Professional
for up to 6 months – at no cost!

Dan Kane is the Onshape Technical Services Manager at PTC. He has worked on the Onshape Technical Services team for over three and a half years. While his role mainly consists of customer-facing Onshape demonstrations, he also participates in Onshape product releases, technical content creation, and on-site customer support. His main interests are in design automation and collaboration.