With the exception of occasionally using Google Docs and Google Drive, most of my work has always been done on my local machine. Not until I started using Onshape, did I realize the benefits of a full-cloud work environment. Of course, there is a learning curve with anything new, but once you make the switch I bet you’ll never go back. Here are seven frustrating questions that will disappear into the clouds once you start working with Onshape.

1. Do I have the latest file?

Onshape has no files; everything is stored and modified in the cloud. No longer will you have to go through the hassle of emailing files and dealing with data vaults. Anyone who is shared on an Onshape Document gains instant access to all current and past versions. All product information is stored together and it is easy to see both released versions as well as any works-in-progress.

2. Where are all my project files?

The fact that Onshape uses project-level Documents, not files, will save you both time and frustration everyday. Unlike traditional CAD, an Onshape Document stores your parts, assemblies, drawings, and anything you feel is important in one place. No longer will you have to deal with outdated checkouts from a CAD vault. Now all your files will be stored securely together in the cloud – accessible by anyone you choose.

3. Did I remember to save?

With Onshape, there is no save button. Onshape is constantly saving your Document as well as keeping track of your every move. From new features to deleting parts, it's all recorded in the workspace history and can be restored at anytime. This has unique benefits. Not only do you and your peers never need to manually save, you can recover from any error, even if it was made days or months ago. Onshape users are not afraid to make mistakes or take creative risks and they never need to “Save As Copy” to explore new ideas.

4. Do I have/need the newest software update?

Traditional CAD systems have annual release cycles with a collection of unrelated enhancements. Users then need to sift through all the functionality to determine which features/improvements are helpful (or even relevant) for their design workflows. Consequently, users often update at different times, and rarely understand all the functionality that has been dumped on them. When existing bugs or needed functionality are not addressed, users become frustrated and decide to stay on their current release, adding a barrier to sharing files.

Onshape is different. All Onshape users are always running the latest version, and never have to download or install updates. New functionality and enhancements appear every few weeks.  Your skills evolve rapidly alongside the software because new capabilities are introduced at a rate that makes them easy to learn and master. More importantly, version incompatibility issues never arise when sharing product data.

5. What file format does my co-worker need?

Collaboration is not straightforward with traditional CAD. Users are often writing out STEP, IGES, and Parasolid files when working with customers and suppliers. Onshape removes this requirement. You can share with anyone, and they can instantly access not only the data, but the entire Onshape CAD system as well. When your document is shared with someone, they will instantly have access to all data contained in that document. If your colleague is not an Onshape user, an account is automatically created for them on the spot. Once permission to access the Document is granted, they will have the ability to download it in many common CAD formats to be used however they wish. If a translated file is needed, team members can always export to the desired format on demand.

6. How do I get a copy of the software?

Onshape runs in your browser with nothing to install, nothing to download, and no time wasted. Onshape can be accessed anytime, anywhere (even in remote, out-of-the-way settings like here and here) and is up and running in seconds. No longer will you be limited to where you can access your CAD; anywhere you have Internet, you now have CAD.

7. Is my computer fast enough to run this?

One of the most common complaints from traditional CAD users is the constant need to update computer hardware including the CPU, graphic card and memory. With full-cloud CAD, the computational work is handled by a scalable array of cloud servers, so the user’s hardware requirements are significantly less. Onshape yields great performance on your average laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone. Don’t believe it? Well it’s easy to see for yourself. With Onshape, you can access your work from any computer. This means that if you are buying new hardware, you can test the performance right in the store. Simply log in.