Yesterday, we announced the public release of the Onshape App Store, the first “try and buy” app store for the CAD world. With apps for CAM, rendering, finite element analysis (FEA), fluid dynamics, and more, the Onshape App Store greatly expands every Onshape user’s capabilities and gives them the freedom to choose which apps work best.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at how to use the Onshape App Store.

The first step is getting there. You’ll find a “Go To App Store” icon in the bottom left corner of your Documents page.

After entering your username and password, you will be taken to the Onshape App Store.

Here you can scroll through the different apps. You have filter options on the left, search at the top, and sort options on the right. To learn more about an app, left click it in the list.

You’ll find a product description, screenshots, and customer reviews of the app. If you want to use an app, just click “Get Application” for Desktop and Cloud Connected apps, or “Subscribe” for Integrated Cloud Apps.

Desktop and Cloud Connected Apps connect directly with your Onshape account and make it easy to import models from Onshape.

Integrated Cloud Apps integrate directly within Onshape and are conveniently accessed from a tab in your Document. You can add an Integrated Cloud App to a Document by selecting “Create Tab,” then “Add Application.”

Interested in a more detailed walkthrough? Check out the video above.

Visit The New Onshape App Store