We are thrilled to announce Onshape Drawings!

With the latest update, we have added the ability to create professional 2D drawings within Onshape. This has been, by far, our most requested feature. We are excited to show you Onshape Drawings. Let’s take a look.




Onshape Drawings are a tab in your Onshape Document. To create a Drawing, select the “+” icon in the bottom left corner and select “Create Drawing.” Here you can choose a template and Onshape creates a new drawing. You have several different view creation tools available in Onshape. Standard Views, as well as Projected, Auxiliary, and Section Views are all available. If you run out of room on a sheet, you can add more with the Sheets button in the toolbar. Once you’ve added views to your drawing, you will then need dimensions and other annotations.




Onshape has a number of different dimension tools available. The dimension tools available are: “2 point linear dimension,” “Angular dimension,” “3 point angular dimension” and “Radial” and “Diameter” dimensions. To add a dimension, just select the dimension type, then select the entities you want to dimension. You’ll see snap points as you move your cursor over the drawing views that allow you to snap your dimensions to the model. In addition to adding dimensions, Onshape has added annotations to help further define your drawing. Notes can be added with or without leaders. And center marks and centerlines can be added with the Centermark and Centerline command.




One of the most important pieces to a drawing is its template. Onshape provides templates to get started. However, if you prefer your own, you can upload your DWT file to Onshape. If you are looking for a place to get started, you can download the Onshape drawing templates from their public Document. Any 2D CAD editing tool can be used to make changes to your template. Once you have modified the template file, import it into an Onshape Document.

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