Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has already transformed many areas of our lives - information technology, marketing, education, healthcare - everything is moving to the cloud. Now the time has arrived for breaking away from the traditional model of desktop-installed software in product design. Onshape is doing it for CAD. SimScale is doing it for simulation.

By eliminating software installation costs, licensing fees, and the need for yearly updates, cloud-based platforms are opening up the playing field and making design tools accessible to everyone from beginners and students all the way up to experienced industry users.

SimScale is a company that is making it possible to do powerful engineering simulations via a standard web browser. All you need is an Internet connection to test and validate the performance of your product designs. In addition to its easy-to-access simulation features, SimScale also has an active community of users who you can interact with and learn from.

From your SimScale Dashboard, you start by uploading a CAD geometry in a .STEP or .IGES file format. If you are using Onshape as your CAD tool, the SimScale Connector App allows you to directly import your CAD models into SimScale with the click of a mouse. You then mesh the geometry, set up the simulation parameters, and run the simulation. Once the simulation is finished, you can post-process the results and make further design decisions. One of the biggest benefits of simulation is that it allows you, the designer, to quickly optimize your designs in a virtual environment instead of using a costly physical prototyping process.

With Onshape and SimScale, it is now possible to have a complete design workflow – CAD, mesh, simulation, results – right in your web browser. Watch the video at the top of this post to see how it works.

If you are interested to learn more on how you can improve your product design using Onshape and SimScale together, signup for our upcoming webinar.