Ever spend a long time working on a new product and can’t wait to share it with the world?

Over the last six months, we’ve had more than a thousand CAD professionals in 52 countries using Onshape during confidential pre-production testing.

Now it’s your turn.

 Based on strong demand, we’re excited to expand our testing program and unveil Onshape Beta. We are also launching our new website and removing the Non-Disclosure Agreement from our existing users. So now anyone can request an invite for their own Onshape account and openly discuss how they’re using it.

Remember that this is the Beta version of Onshape. We are going to continue to release new functionality every few weeks. As always with Onshape, every user is instantly on the same release -- the latest one.

It’s now your turn to try the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on a design team work together using your web browser, phone, or tablet.


Thank you very much to all our pre-production users of Onshape. You have been awesome. You have given us an incredible amount of feedback on how to improve Onshape, some of which we have already incorporated into our frequent releases. We also appreciate your ongoing encouragement, enthusiasm and support.

It’s extremely motivating for us to see real-world products already being designed with Onshape and brought to the marketplace. Our first users are now manufacturing consumer electronics and industrial equipment. They’re designing parts that are molded and parts that are CNC machined. And they’re also using Onshape side by side with other CAD systems, because hey, it’s a multi-CAD world.

Interested in designing one of your products with Onshape?


Got 90-seconds? Our “Onshape Manifesto” video captures why we were born.

To start the process of getting your own Onshape account, click the “Request Invite” button below. Free Plan users will be registered on a first-come-first-served basis. Or, if you purchase an Onshape Professional Plan account, it will be activated immediately.

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Meanwhile, you’ll find a wealth of new information and resources at Onshape.com, including a product tour, tutorials, CAD videos, our FAQs, live webinar events, and features & pricing.

We’ve also opened up access to the previously closed Onshape Forums, where you can share your work and challenges with the community, get constructive feedback and brainstorm ideas.


For the first time in your career, you will no longer be handcuffed to one computer. Onshape works in your web browser with any operating system. Windows. Mac. Linux. Chrome. No worries about licenses or codes. Your CAD system and all your CAD data travels with you; it no longer “lives” on your work computer only. 

I meet a lot of fellow engineers in my travels and I often hear how some of their best ideas do NOT happen at work. They happen in restaurants, on the couch, on the train or in a plane.

For this reason, we’re especially excited to unveil Onshape Mobile, the first and only full-function professional 3D CAD system available on phones and tablets.

Onshape Mobile is not just a viewer -- it includes ALL of our CAD and data management functions. You can design and edit on your iPhone, iPad, and -- soon -- your Android devices. Whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, Onshape allows you to explore a new idea, check on a colleague’s progress or make last-minute design changes on the go.


Onshape offers three pricing plans: Professional, Free and Enterprise.

Our Professional Plan is $125 a month (billed annually) and includes unlimited use of all Onshape CAD and data management tools. It is far more more flexible and affordable than traditional CAD. Companies pay only for what they need.

Our Free Plan is a first for the CAD industry, including the exact same CAD and data management functions as our Professional Plan. Free users can create and access an unlimited amount of Public CAD data, though there is a limit on your Private CAD data. Our Free Plan is the perfect choice for students, makers, and occasional professional users who may only need to share models with a partner or client.

We hope that, like GitHub in the software development world, Onshape's Free Plan will help usher in a new era of CAD availability.


We are proud of Onshape Beta, but it is just the beginning. As much as we’ve learned from our early pre-production users, there’s still plenty of learning to do.

So we’re happy to now welcome the entire CAD community to join our Beta test.

Curious to finally try out CAD-in-the-cloud with your design team? Request an invite below and please let us know what you think!

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