One of the things we’re always working to improve is providing the right training resources to our users at the right time.

We have training for brand new users, training for advanced users and training on specific topics like Drawings or Section Views. Also, we have training in all sorts of forms: tech tips, webinar recordings, tutorials and so on.

When we first launched our website in March, we had a video library with a few dozen tutorial and training videos. The library was stationary: meaning any visitor at any time would see the same content. As we grew and more users started looking for training, we quickly realized we needed better training resources, and that meant a smarter video library.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a brand new video library. Not only did we redesign the library, we also added more content and customized the library for the user. The library is faster, more efficient and easier to navigate. Here are a few reasons why you’ll find the new library more helpful:

  1. Video Library Search is powered by a search index that’s designed to get you to your answer faster. We included search in the video library that indexes all 100+ videos. So if you’re looking for a video on Section views, you’ll find it right away.
  2. The Content is Optimized to the User
    If you’re new to Onshape and haven’t signed up yet, you’ll see some marketing videos about what makes Onshape different than traditional desktop-installed CAD. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced Onshape user, you’ll see videos on Branching and Merging, tech tips and other advanced topics. We built the library to work 1:1 – not 1 to many.
  3. The Video Library is 100% Mobile Friendly
    Try on your mobile device. Just like our product, which is the first and only fully-functional mobile CAD app, our video library works on your mobile device.
  4. We hope to foster community
    Our CAD users enjoy being part of a community, as evident by our popular Forum. On the video pages, below the video you’ll find comments. We love feedback. So let us know what you think of our content.

We’re excited to make this new educational tool available now. Click the link below to explore the video library and let us know what you think!

Check out Onshape's updated video library