Branching designs in Onshape is a powerful tool that allows multiple people to work on their own design variations within their own workspace. But what if you want to combine the work of two branches? That’s where Merge comes into play.

You’ll find the “Merge into current workspace” command in the gear dropdown menu. To merge branches, first select the branch you want to merge in the Version Manager flyout, then choose the “Merge into current workspace” command under the gear menu of the branch you want to merge from.

When merging branches there may be situations that create conflict. An example of is an edge that has a fillet in one branch and a chamfer in another. In feature conflicts like this, the branch you are merging to (the active branch) will win and the other feature will have an error. If there is a dimension conflict, the opposite is true, the branch you are merging from will win in the conflict.

One last recommendation when merging branches is to use the Compare tool to compare the branches and get a list, as well as a graphic visualization of the differences.

To learn more about the Merge command, take a look at the video at the top of this post.

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