More than 75 CAD users, including students, educators and professionals, met at  Google headquarters last July to launch our first Onshape User Group in the San Francisco Bay Area. In just over two months, we have tripled the number of Onshape User Groups from four to 12, and expanded to over 500 members in six countries.

This September, we hosted four meetups – Boston, New York, Brisbane, and San Francisco – where members met to learn about Onshape, network with professionals, and collaborate with other users of all levels of experience.

Onshape’s Cody Armstrong shares a sneak peek of new features with the Bay Area Onshape User Group.

Attending an Onshape User Group meetup gives you the opportunity to learn CAD tips from professionals, understand more about the industry itself, and enjoy some great food. It’s the perfect way to connect face-to-face with others who are passionate about design.

In October, we are proud to announce we’re hosting four more user groups in three countries:

It has been incredible meeting so many smart, enthusiastic people in our Onshape User Groups and I look forward to meeting many more of you!

Check out our meetup homepage to see if there is already a group in your area. Once you join a group, we will automatically notify you of upcoming events.

Don’t see a meetup in your area? Consider starting your own! We will provide you with the resources you need to start your own Onshape community. If you want to start a new Onshape User Group, let us know here.

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