SIMSOLID Cloud is an all new browser-based structural analysis application. Now available as an Integrated Cloud App in the Onshape App Store, it uses Onshape’s single sign-on and runs completely within an Onshape Document tab. SIMSOLID Cloud offers structural static and modal vibration analyses. It comes with an integrated material properties library. Both individual parts and assemblies can be analyzed and parts can be either mesh or CAD solids based.

SIMSOLID Cloud also comes with unique design study capabilities. Design studies are used to collect and quantify design performance variation. Each SIMSOLID project can contain multiple design studies and each study can contain multiple analyses. SIMSOLID design studies are associative to Onshape geometry updates. As the geometry evolves, the study can be updated without having to recreate the existing analysis configuration settings.

To try SIMSOLID for yourself, go to the Onshape App Store and subscribe to the free trial. But before you begin, watch the four introductory videos below. Besides a general overview, there are videos that cover advanced topics such as part connections, solution refinement and custom material properties.

Getting Started

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Creating Part Connections

Connecting parts in an assembly can be problematic in many finite element modeling systems. Small gaps or overlaps between parts often require that geometry editing be done to clean up the face boundaries. SIMSOLID is more tolerant of part mismatch. In this video, learn how easy it is to create complex part connections:

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Controlling Analysis Solution Refinement

SIMSOLID employs a proprietary adaptive technology to automatically refine the solution in the areas where it is necessary to achieve the highest accuracy. Multiple solution passes are performed and with each pass, accuracy measures are created and equations are enriched locally as required.

Global default solution settings are applied automatically when the project is opened. No user action is required. The default adaptation level performs three solution passes. This is typically adequate to calculate the overall load path.

Want even more control? In SIMSOLID Cloud, it is easy to adjust solution refinement on both the full assembly as well as individual parts. Learn all about how to do it here:

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Creating Custom Material Properties

SIMSOLID Cloud provides a default material library with example materials, but additional custom materials can be easily created by the user. Learn more here:

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Go ahead and try SIMSOLID Cloud for yourself. I think you’ll find that it is an intuitive and enjoyable way to perform rapid performance simulation directly within the Onshape CAD environment.