SIMSOLID Cloud is a next generation meshless structural analysis application. Now available as an Integrated Cloud App in the Onshape App Store, it uses Onshape’s single sign-on and runs completely within an Onshape Document tab.

Using a unique meshless methodology, it solves adaptively and it automatically refines the solution locally to improve accuracy. It works directly on unsimplified CAD geometry and can solve assemblies with a wide range of thick and thin or big and small geometries.

SIMSOLID Cloud is a professional-grade application that comes with a rich set of features and capabilities including:

  • Analysis Types – Structural static, modal vibration, steady state thermal, geometric nonlinear static, nonlinear separating contact and coupled thermal-structural.
  • Boundary Conditions – Immovable, sliding and hinge supports. Pressures, forces, enforced displacements, bearing loads, thermal loads, inertia loads and bolt tightening loads. Advanced techniques such as inertia relief are also available.
  • Assembly Contact Conditions – Fixed, sliding, separating, thermal insulation.
  • Results – Contours of displacements, stresses, strains, temperature, thermal flux, mode shapes and safety factors. Max and min locations and point probes. Reaction forces, contact forces and bolt/nut tightening forces. Results animation.
  • Design Studies – Design studies are used to collect and quantify design performance variation. Each SIMSOLID project can contain multiple design studies and each study can contain multiple analyses. SIMSOLID design studies are associative to Onshape geometry updates. As the geometry evolves, the study can be updated without having to recreate the existing analysis configuration settings.

SIMSOLID Cloud is easy to use, but comes with advanced capabilities. One example is bolt pretensioning (also referred to as tightening). These special loads are applied directly to the full 3D representation of bolts and nuts and can be specified by nut turns, bolt torque or target axial load values. A wide variety of bolted configurations are supported including blind bolts, nuts on threaded shafts, and nuts on posts.

SIMSOLID Cloud supports bolt and nut configurations

SIMSOLID bolt tightening in Onshape is unique in several respects. First, bolts, nuts and washers are automatically recognized. This includes bolts created in Onshape directly or imported from other sources.

Second, the full 3D stress state of the bolt is used. This is a much better approximation than the crude beam/RBE2/REB3 spiders used in other applications such as Autodesk Inventor and Fusion. Third, reaction forces are automatically calculated and displayed.


Bolt force and moment results

Finally, everything is calculated directly on the CAD geometry without creating a mesh. This is especially important in geometry that may have challenging face transitions as shown in the example video below. Watch the video to see how easy bolt loads are to apply and visualize in Onshape using SIMSOLID Cloud.

Video Thumbnail

For more information on SIMSOLID Cloud, please visit the Onshape App Store.