As we’ve noted previously, Onshape invests more in education than sales. Within 10-20 hours of teaching yourself Onshape, you can start designing parts and products. How do we know this? Because many of our customers who are already in production have had no other formal training. And if you do have previous CAD experience, you’ll instinctively be up and running much sooner.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce the “Learn” section of our website, which you can find in the top navigation menu.

By clicking the Learn tab, you’ll find everything you need to get started with Onshape – from scratch.

Everyone has a different learning style. There are visual learners, and there are those who prefer to read step-by-step instructions. So we’ve produced training materials to suit every preference. We have blog posts with screenshots, blog posts with videos, webinars with demos, webinars with slide decks, a rich video library, documentation and much more.

In addition to finding all Onshape educational materials in one convenient place, you’ll also notice two new additions to the mix: the Essential Training Series and On Demand Training.

Essential Training Series

If you’ve been an Onshape user for a while, you’ve probably heard about our Essential Training webinar. But webinars aren’t for everybody. So echoing our CEO John McEleney’s mantra that CAD users deserve instant gratification, we’ve built an alternative training series for those who prefer videos to webinars. Our comprehensive video series is sequentially ordered to take you from an overview of our user interface and what an Onshape Document is, all the way through Assemblies and how to use our mobile app.

Onshape’s training series is inspired by one of our favorite training sites: Producing content for beginners and experts alike, typically breaks down complex content into shorter videos. Many learners find short training videos far less daunting than trying to digest 45 minutes of training in one bite. also provides a short chapter mark for those who don’t have time to consume the entire series in one sitting – as most of us don’t.

We’re planning to expand our training series over time – but that depends on the feedback we receive from you. Please let us know which subjects you’d like to see in our video series next.

On Demand Training

We value our conversations with our customers. We don’t just talk about the product, feature enhancements and where CAD is heading. We often talk about how they want to learn, how effective our training tools are, and what else they might need to design great products.

One common theme we’ve heard is a desire for quick access to Onshape’s full selection of training videos. So we’ve created the On Demand Training page. All the Essential Training and special topic videos we’ve published in our blog over the last several months are now all in one place. You don’t have to jump from page to page: simply click, watch and learn.

We’ve also moved our Live Training page into this tab. We have a large audience of users who prefer to attend an online event so they can ask questions and engage with our CAD experts.

Whatever your preference for training content, we hope you find Onshape’s materials helpful. Spend a few minutes exploring what’s most important to you. If there’s anything you think we could improve or add, please drop me a line at dmurphy[at]