The point of using a Public Document is to build projects that you would not mind other Onshape users viewing or copying. For creating Public Documents, the Onshape Free Plan is great for hobbyists, makers and open-source designers to build models with a professional-grade 3D CAD system at no cost.



Public Documents are useful for Onshape users to share their work with each other, or to become inspired by new ideas. You can view and copy these documents and “Like” them just as you would on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Although other users can view your work here, keep in mind that Public Documents only allow you to edit your own projects, unless you give permission to specific users. You can grant editing privileges to as many or as few users as you want by clicking the blue “Share” icon at the top right-hand corner of the page.



Once you hit “Share,” the screen will show which privileges you can grant to other users.



If you are using Onshape for commercial purposes, we recommend using Private Documents. The Onshape Professional Plan includes unlimited Private Documents so only you and your designated partners can view and/or edit your work.