It’s probably the most common question we hear: “I am new to Onshape, where can I go to learn how to use it?”

The good news is that there are many options, recognizing that there are many different learning styles. Let’s take a look at your choices!

Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Onshape offers live instructor-led training every week. This is by far the fastest way to get up to speed in Onshape. These are hosted by Onshape experts, and they walk you through the fundamentals of using full-cloud CAD successfully. If you are looking for something similar to a classroom experience, this is it. You can ask the instructor questions and get them answered live.

Onshape Learning Center

The recently launched Onshape Learning Center is a structured set of courses that take you through the fundamentals of both Onshape’s CAD functionality, and Onshape’s data management capabilities. It includes dozens of videos and exercises that cover everything from basic sketching to advanced branching and merging techniques. You can take these courses at your own pace whenever you choose. You can see your progress on the training dashboard and will be sent a completion certificate once you’ve finished the courses. If you are looking for structured learning, but need the flexibility of choosing when you learn, this is for you.

Onshape Webinars

Twice a week, Onshape presents one-hour webinars on different subjects. They can cover anything from basic sketching to advanced sheet metal tips and tricks. These webinars are recorded and can be viewed anytime. If you are looking for an hour lecture on a certain topic, these are for you. So far, we’ve conducted more than 100 webinars on a wide range of topics and we are always adding more.

Onshape Blog

If you prefer short, to-the-point instructions on specific CAD functionality, make sure to sign up for the Onshape blog. You’ll find tech tips and other helpful info on using Onshape. We also post a blog with each new update to Onshape. So if you are looking to stay on top of all the latest developments, be sure to sign up for alerts.


SolidProfessor has put together an extensive library of learning content for Onshape. It is presented in a clear, concise manner by industry experts. SolidProfessor is a leader in CAD education and is definitely worth looking into if you are getting started.

Lynda, Pluralsight, and More

Onshape and SolidProfessor are not the only ones building learning material. There are many Onshape courses popping up on learning sites such as Lynda, Pluralsight, and more. They’re certainly worth checking out.

So, what are you waiting for? No matter what your learning style and schedule looks like, there’s an Onshape training solution that fits you!