One very common question we get is “Can I route a wire in Onshape?” The answer is yes, with this custom feature created by our own Noa Flaherty and Jon Sorrells:

The first step to creating a wire is adding the Wiring feature to your toolbar. To do this, click the “Add custom features” icon in the top right of the toolbar.

This will launch the “Add custom feature” dialog. From here, click on “FeatureScript samples” and you will find FeatureScript Wiring in the list.

Select the FeatureScript Wiring feature from the list and choose Wiring.

You will see that a new icon for the Wiring feature has been added to your toolbar. Now you are ready to use the feature.

To use the Wiring feature, click on the icon in the toolbar and the feature dialog will launch.

To create a wire, just click on any points that you want the wire to run through. Make sure you select them in order from right to left or vice versa. The wiring feature has many options. You can specify wire size by gauge, or by a custom diameter. You have options to choose up to 5 wires at a time, and you can even click a sketch to define your bundle of wires.

There are also options to define start and end straightness. This defines how long the wire profile remains normal to the sketch plane of the point before transitioning.

One last thing you should know about the Wiring feature: It will tell you the finished length of your wire both in the Wiring feature dialog and in the feature list. This is very useful if you need to know the length of wires at a glance.

And that’s it. So check out this feature and starting routing your wires!