Onshape has changed CAD in a number of different ways. One great example of this is the Feedback tool. If you have ever tried to reach out to your CAD vendor in the past, you’ll know that it often involves filling out a ton of information through an ominous support site. And in the end, their lack of response or action leaves you feeling like you sent that info to a black hole.

With Onshape, we wanted to create a feedback and support experience that was different than any other CAD system. For that, we offer our Feedback tool.

The Feedback tool is located under the Help menu in the top right corner of Onshape. Simply select “Feedback” and the tool launches.

The Feedback functionality has a number of markup tools that allow you to highlight and comment on different areas of the screen, making it easy to communicate your issue. You can add comments and a title to your feedback, as well as choose from options to share the Document with support, and include a screenshot.

All these tools are there to help you clearly illustrate your feedback before sending. After marking up the screen and adding comments, you can simply click “Send.”

And that’s all there is to it. All the info we need to begin looking at the issue is there. There is no need to type in usernames, passwords, machine specs, or any other info. Onshape uses your logged-in account info to determine the rest.

After your ticket is submitted, Onshape will provide updates to your request via email – and an email notifying you when it is resolved. You can also check the status of your requests by clicking the “View support tickets” command under your username in Onshape.

So give it a shot. Try out the Feedback tool and let us know what you think!

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