Earlier this year, Release Management was added to Onshape Professional. This new functionality gives you a formal release management process that is built right into Onshape.

One of the most important steps of using Release Management is creating a Release Candidate and defining an approver. This approver is the person (or people) that must review the design and decide whether it is released or rejected.

But what happens if a person who typically approves designs leaves for vacation or for a business trip?

That is where delegating approvals becomes valuable.

In your account settings, under preferences, you will see the option to “Delegate approval to this user or team.”

Here you can type in a user’s name or a team that you want to delegate your approvals to. They will be notified when a Release Candidate has been created where you are the approver and they need to approve the Release Candidate in your absence.

That’s it! Hopefully, this tip will help you the next time you are away and unable to approve a release.