Have you ever accidentally deleted something you need, but only realized it many actions later? Today’s Tech Tip focuses on how you can selectively remove unwanted actions in the history of an Onshape Document.

History tracks all the changes for an entire Document, which makes it challenging if you want to roll back a specific tab or feature without affecting the rest of the Document. In the fishing rod reel example below, the drawing was accidentally deleted. Since then, several features have been added. 

To reverse your mistake and restore the drawing, first right-click on the microversion where the deletion happened and create a version.

Then, create a branch from that version and make that workspace active. Right-click on the version (or microversion) that is just before the delete action and “Restore to B1” (the branch workspace).

Finally, merge the branch with the main workspace. Now, the drawing is restored while preserving the new features for the Toggle and Cover.

Optionally, you can delete the branch workspace. As long as there were no versions created on the branch, it will be completely removed.

In this example, it was a delete action that needed to be removed, but you could use this to remove any action (or series of chronological actions) from a Document. 

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