Welcome FIRST ® Robotics Competition team members! Onshape is proud to partner with FIRST ® to support all of you in your efforts to become the leaders and engineers of tomorrow.

Onshape is a full-cloud CAD tool built by the original founders of SolidWorks. You can think of it as the “Google Docs of CAD” – you can have multiple team members editing the same 3D CAD models at the same time. There is nothing to download or install, you just login via a web browser.

Onshape’s Education Plan

As part of our partnership, we are providing students, teachers, and mentors with free access to the Onshape Education Plan. The Education Plan has no limits to the number of documents that you can create and has all the same functionality as our Professional Plan.

To begin, simply create an account by signing up here. Note: if you are a mentor, simply select “Educator” and enter “Mentor” as your job title.

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