As a proud alumnus of the Hilo Viking Robotics Club, I am a huge advocate of FIRST Robotics Competition, the international program promoting STEM education to high school students around the world. FIRST, through FIRST LEGO League, was my initial introduction to engineering at age 10, and it continued to play an important and guiding role for me all the way to college. I credit those fun days at robotics to pushing me toward a career in mechanical engineering and ultimately, landing me at Onshape!

So I am extremely excited to announce that Onshape is supporting the next generation of engineers by becoming a FIRST Crown Supplier – the highest level of sponsorship possible. Our partnership will include providing our Education Plan and Kit Of Parts CAD library to all FRC team members, teachers, and mentors.

If you haven’t used Onshape yet and aren’t sure whether it’s worth making the switch from your current CAD system, consider that build season is like working at a young startup. You are frequently crunched for time, have limited resources, and need to work fast. You need a CAD system that enables teamwork and collaboration, one that you can take anywhere, from home, to school, to competitions. The similarities and challenges between robotics teams and hardware startups are striking, so I’d encourage you to read this post on “Why Onshape is the Best CAD for Hardware Startups.”


If you are one of the many teams that already use Onshape, fantastic! You can now go to our FRC Resource Page, where you will find directions on how to sign up for a free Onshape Education account, lessons on how to use Onshape, tips for using Onshape as a team, and, of course, the CAD models for the 2017 Kit of Parts and playing field.

I’m looking forward to following the action this year and wish all FRC teams the best of luck this season!

P.S. Don’t forget to keep thanking your mentors, advisors, and parents – you can’t do it without them.


Visit the Onshape FRC Resource Page
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